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The giver life schedule

No description

Alyssa Foglia

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of The giver life schedule

Life Schedule The Giver Age 1 They are assigned to a family unit. Age 3 They begin dream telling. Age 4 They get a backwards buttoned jaceket to teach them interdependence. Age 7 They get a front buttoned jacket to teach them independence. Age 8 Their comfort object is taken away. They are given a name. Females get hair ribbons. They begin their volunteer hours. They receive a jacket with more pockets and less buttons to carry more stuff. Age 9 They receive a bike Females get rid of their hair ribbons as a sign of maturity. Age 10 Males and females get a hair cut. Females have pigtails taken out of their hair. Age 11 They receive a calculator. Males get a longer pair of pants. Females get new undergarments. Age 12 They receive a life assignment. They start training for their assignment. Adulthood You have the option to apply for a spouse. You have the option to apply for up to 2 kids. Elderly Years They go to the house of the old. They are eventually released. Birth They get a comfort object. They live with other children in the nurturing center.
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