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No description

Meaghan Marcelynas

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Inter/Intra

4 y - started
13 y - professional contract
17y - "1st team"
19y - broke ankle; 2nd team
22y - came to states
26y - SC - GA
Germany - Best Coach
6-17y - Academy
"amazing"; certified in psychology, nutrition, & S+C
Best attribute - "knowledge"
Coaching style - strict yet flexible
"somehow always knew the right thing to do"

Germany - worst coach
Missouri Valley
Judged players on ability - not equal
Disrespect from players
No consistency
Lacked knowledge Germany Coaching Style
"follow path of 1st coach"
Self-reflection: try to be open, increase knowledge: 3 degrees
Feedback from players

Our Research study:
2 soccer coaches
same place
same time
same session
Intra-observer reliability - CBORS
Inter-observer reliability - SAFI
Semi-structured interview Intraobserver Reliability:
Meaghan - England: 93%
Steve - Germany: 94% Interobserver Reliability
Nature of the SAFI
Emmett - 60%
Petey - 70%
Using systematic oberservation to investigate
coach-athlete interactions on the soccer field Germany: Coaching Style
Tries different things based on the needs of the players
Germany: current challenges
asst coach
limited options
Germany: How can you overcome challenges?
"try and see longterm goal"
"sometimes you need to take a step back in order to grow more"
Germany: Results from SAFI
surprised with instruction during performance - wants 0%
wants criticism at 0%
wants different question category Germany: most challenging part of coaching
"totally emotional"
"all about winning"
had tunnel vision; saw that players did not respond well

Spoke with Mentor
Psychology degree changed coaching style England - current
Values over style
End to season to week to day England - worst coach
"I can't even remeber his name"
"same team talk"
"all about fighting" England:
12yrs Southampton Academy
Gothia Cup

Academics, Coaching, Playing
22yrs to States working for a soccer company
in marketing department and coaching

Introduced to current school = good match Academy System
expenses: gear, training, schooling
take care of
jobs for parents England - best coach
Bobby Higgins - club
discipline - curfew England - being a coach
Kevin Braybock "mentor"
a "gopher" volunteer
youngest hired coach by 19 England - coaching style
delivery - energy, enthusiasm, funny
goal oriented - team, players, coaches
details, details, details
the "science of coaching" England - current coaching
strange dynamic
acceptance + delegation = LEADERSHIP
recruiting, recruiting, recruiting
England - results of SAFI
more "check for understanding"
surprised by "praise" (reactivity)
reflected on "hustle" Intrareliability
at same time (independence) to establish GROUND RULES!!

Coaches need training Intarobserver Reliability
Observer Error

context of statement
stopping point in mid-speech
tone of voice (drift)

Thank you!
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