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The Great Depression

An understanding of The Great Depression, what were the main causes, as well as the effects afterwards.

Brian Carmona

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of The Great Depression

The Great Depression Major causes of
The Great Depression The Great Recession "Black Tuesday", October 29, 1929
Bank Closures Increase in tarrifs for imports up to 50%,
resulted in less trade, and more unemployment. The public was more inclined on
saving money rather than using it The Dust Bowl Presidents
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Herbert Clark Hoover
Did nothing during the Depression,
thought the government should stay out. The New Deal
Including, but not limited to
CCC,Civilian Conservation Corps
CWA,Civil Works Administration
FHA,Federal Housing Administration
FSA,Federal Security Agency
HOLC,Home Owner's Loan Corporation
Decrease in GDP
Q1 -.7%
Q2 1.5%
Q3 -2.7%
Q4 -5.4%
Q1 -6.4%
Q2 -.7% Unemployment
Stocks Decline
Bank Failings
The Great "Insert Here" The Great Recession
Presidents Barack Hussein Obama II George Walker Bush
Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation
Job Creation and Worker Assistance Act
Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act
Economic Stimulus Act of 2008
Trickle Down Economy by cutting the taxes from
the wealth
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
Health Care Reform 2010
Financial Crisis Responsibility Fee

Likeness Between the Two Unemployment
Failing Stocks
Overuse of "Credit"
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