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The Fun They Had

No description

Lily jones

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of The Fun They Had

The Fun They Had
The Fun They Had
By: Isaac Asimov
Margie- an eleven year old girl who is interested in learning about the past
Tommy- her thirteen-year-old brother who found the book that shows them how school was before mechanical teachers and "telebooks"
The conflict of the story is technology taking over society starting with doing the jobs that humans would usually do. This external conflict would be society vs technology
This story is about two children from the future who are reading a book from the past. They talk about the differences between school then and now. They learn from robotic teachers in their own home. One of the children,
The climax of the story is when Margie and her brother go to school and the robotic teacher begins teaching. This part of the story shows how big of a role technology (the antagonist) plays in the society.
The setting of this story is May 17, 2155 in Margie and Tommy's house. This affects the story because of the changes that have been made to everday activites in the future.
The protagonist and antagonist of the story are not human characters. The antagonist is technology and the protagonist is society.
In the beginning if the story, the reader feels interested to see how things have changed in the future and at the end the reader is worried about how rapidly things are changing.

The author is trying to convey that we should be thankful for the way we are able to be educated the way that we are today.
"The mechanical teacher had been giving her test after test in geography and she had been doing worse and worse until her mother had shaken her head sorrowfully and sent for the country inspector"(Asimov)
"Margie was thinking about how the kids must have loved it in the old days. She was thinking about the fun they had." (Asimov)
The story is told from third person omniscient.
I liked this story a lot but I would have liked it better if it showed more about life in the future
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