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European Green Crab

Its a crab....thing

Kelvin Gaines

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of European Green Crab

WANTED!!! It has with five short teeth along the rim behind each eye, and three undulations between the eyes Characteristics These Green Crabs are seen on the coast of California
South America, South Africa, Australia and Hawaii Last Seen Hideouts European Green Crabs prefer to live in marine
coast and some love to migrate to colder areas
such as Alaska. They are also reported to be hiding out in Coasta Rica. Crimes Commited This species is suspected of consuming many
Oysters, Clams and Scallops. They are decreasing the supply of these species which can also put fisherman who fish for these species out of work. This crab must be stopped at once. By: Kelvin Gaines
Yaun 6th period European Green Crab They also are mainly green in color and can have a variation of grey and brown. They originated from the Baltic Sea and
NorthEast Atlantic Ocean.
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