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Jilin Chemical Plant Explosions

No description

annie bartholomew

on 5 November 2015

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Transcript of Jilin Chemical Plant Explosions

Jilin Chemical Plant Explosions
Who was Impacted?
6 total deaths from explosion
Over 70 injured
10,000 temporarily evacuated
Persons at Fault?
Worker carelessness
Lack of response by central and regional state authorities
failed to notify the public until the toxins reached Harbin, China
Damage Report
Pollution destroyed ecosystems and ruined fresh water resources
70% of fresh water in China is polluted
If pollution continued in the river, it would have affected Russia
No rules have been applied
Global environmental organizations keep check on all chemical plants in China
Now use media to get out pertinate information
Factory officials and local government officials attempted to manage the spill themselves without notifying Beijing
Drain reservoir water into the Songhua in an attempt to dilute contaminants.
City officials shut down municipal water systems from river
Mass evacuations
Government threatened to punish anyone who attempted cover up incident
Jilin Song
November 13, 2005 at 1:45 p.m.
Petrochemical plant explosion
Jilin Province, China
Resulted in over 100 tons of toxins to be spilled into the Songhua River
Officials denied pollution
What was it?
By: Annie Bartholomew
N.A. "Northeast Cleans Up After Chemical Blast." Asia Times, 30 November 2005. Web. 5 November 2015.
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Clog in processing tower of Benzene sector
carelessness of worker trying to unclog it
Benezene- toxic chemical, known to cause cancer
odorless,colorless, gas form
breaks down into carbon dioxide and water when burned
Effects on Songhua River
Toxins included Benzene, Aniline, and Nitrobenzene
Contaminated many rivers that branch off
Largest Transboundary Spill
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