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Leaside HS Library

Orientation Presentation

Lauren Simmons

on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of Leaside HS Library

Let's talk about what we do and how you can enjoy it!
Welcome to your
Leaside HS Library!

Ms. Busato
Ms. Fularski
Mr. Jones
Ms. Simmons
Reference and Non-fiction Materials

Graphic Novels

Teen and Young Adult Lit

Magazines and Newspapers






Seminar Rooms
student ID or time table required

Loan Periods:
2 weeks for books
1 week for Graphic Novels

overdue fines apply
Maximum 5 items

Printing is 10 cents / page
savings if you double-side!

Photocopying is 10 cents / side
Loans and Printing
Use resources with care.

Keep food and drink in your backpack.

Socialize with your friends in the hallway or cafeteria.

If visiting during class time, bring a Library Admit Slip signed by your teacher

Return materials in good condition.
The TDSB has an Online Code of Conduct which you signed and must follow.

The TDSB records and archives all the items you view on the screen. Be prepared to explain your usage.

Don't share your password unless absolutely necessary.
Online Code of Conduct
The physical Library is yours to discover - enjoy it , and don't hesitate to ask a TL for help!
Monday - Friday
8:15 AM - 4 PM

We open at 10AM on Staff Meeting/PLC Tuesdays.
We also have an online VIRTUAL LIBRARY that you can access anywhere at any time!

You can find it by Googling *Leaside High School Library website*

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