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Creating an Effective LinkedIn Profile

No description

Catherine Stace

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Creating an Effective LinkedIn Profile

Creating an Effective

Normal Linked In Profile
- Name
- Work Experience and Industry
- Education
- A Few Skills
Completing Your Profile
- Start with a professional photograph.
- Create a tagline that is searchable.
- Summary is an important part of your profile.
Further Enhancing
Add relevant skills (give endorsements to receive them).
- Make your profile public
- Add sections such as Honors & Awards, Projects, Courses
- Recommendations
- Contact Preferences
- Videos, pictures, articles
More Tips
Build your connections (avoid the generic "I want to add...").
- Join groups and become an active participant in discussions.
- Follow like minded organizations.
- Update your profile frequently
- Status Updates
- Connect with other social media
- Reposition the different sections
- Use Industry Keywords throughout your profile.
- Edit your public profile URL.
How to review a Linked In Profile?
Using a Linked In Review Rubric

Adding Sections
Extracurricular Activities
Volunteer Experience & Causes
Turn off your activity broadcasts while you are perfecting your profile with small changes or re-phrasing - but remember to turn it back on when you done, you want your network to know about your job changes and articles you post.
How to:
Go to Account & Settings, Privacy & Settings, Privacy Controls, "Turn on/off your activity broadcasts"
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