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Investigatory Project

Report for the project

Paulyne Andrea Santillan

on 27 January 2013

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Transcript of Investigatory Project

Sugar Cane and Strawberry Mouthwash Significance of the Study Chapter 3
Methodology Group 2 Presents Chapter 1
Introduction Background of the study Students – They can recite and participate in the class actively
Celebrities – They can be interviewed and sing a song without distractions
Employees – They can be interviewed without any oral distractions
Teachers – They can discuss their lessons confidently
Reporters – They can report news confidently

First is to prepare all the ingredients needed to perform the said mouthwash and then get a bowl where you will combine all the ingredients, put 1 cup of water on the bowl then put 2 spoons of food coloring in the water depending on what color you want then on the other hand, boil the strawberry and lemon with a sugar and get the extract of it, filter it with a clean cloth for like 3x, now that you have the extract, combine it with the water with a food coloring after that put 4 teaspoon of peppermint and mix it with a stick then boil it for 1 min. Now, your mouthwash is done and you can put it already on a clean container Many people experienced bad breath, especially when you’re about to snuggle with your friends or whisper a joke to your classmates. Bad breath is caused by odor producing bacteria that grow in the mouth. When you don’t brush and floss your teeth regularly, bacteria accumulate on the bits of food left in your mouth and between your teeth. I conducted this research basically because of this problem. . I chose also strawberries because it also has fluoride for whitening our teeth and it dissolves tartar. Strawberries prevent oral cancer so it is also multi-benefiting raw material. For the case of bad breath, Strawberry will help our product to lessen the bacteria in our mouth and makes our mouth fresh and clean. Statement of the Problem Specifically, this study sought the following questions
How effective are Sugar Cane and Strawberry extract as mouthwash?
How can we be so sure that the Sugar Cane and Strawberry mouthwash has no side effects?
How can we have a better and cheaper mouthwash using strawberry and sugar cane extract as mouthwash?
Objectives To find a solution of those who have oral and mouth problems
To have a cheaper and an alternative mouthwash
To prove that strawberry and sugar cane extract can be a mouthwash
Hypothesis Sugar Cane and Strawberry extract have the appealing taste as mouthwash.
Sugar Cane and Strawberry mouthwash have the substance in the oral problems can be solved.
Sugar Cane and Strawberry have no side effects in making an alternative mouthwash.
This study will benefit the following people:
Scope and Limitations This Product Sugar Cane and Strawberry mouthwash is not safe for children under 2-6 years old because it has very strong scent and taste of peppermint oil that may harm these children in using this kind of product.

Definition of Terms Menthol – is an organic compound made from peppermint oil
Calcium – a silver white soft metallic element usually strengthen the bones and teeth
Fluoride – a compound of fluorine in which it is usually forming dental enamel
Alkaline – a substance that has a bitter taste and neutralizes acids.
Mouthwash – a personal hygiene tool for maintaining fresher breath
Conceptual Framework Input:
2 slices of Sugar Cane
2 pieces of Strawberry
10 drops of Peppermint
2 cups of Water Procedures:
Boiling 2 cups of water
Extracting the liquid substance of a Strawberry
Putting the boiled water in a container
Extracting the liquid substance of a Sugar Cane
Mixing all the components
Adding 10 drops of Peppermint oil Output:
Sugar Cane and Strawberry Mouthwash Results

Our expectations for this mouthwash is that its appearance will be clean and the scent is pleasant, we will use only a small amount of peppermint oil because as my members do, they tasted the peppermint oil and found out that in one drop of peppermint oil, the mint is very strong already but we were wrong.

Discussions The product Sugarcane and Strawberry Mouthwash needs some improvement, Because it is not perfect but it is actually performing well in your mouth, By our interpretations, we are suggesting that improve the color by adding food coloring (red) and if you want, and a drop of lime for better taste.
Conclusion The conclusion of this experiment is that it has produce an alternative product for a mouthwash that can whiten teeth and it dissolves tartar because of its contents of fluoride that is present in the strawberry extract that has been added to the product, it also has sugar cane extract that can strengthen and whiten teeth that is due to the calcium in the sugar cane extract. So far, the product still needs improvement, due to its imperfection of its performance in its purpose. Recommendation It is recommended that the product needs more mint and it needs improvement of taste by putting more strawberries and water, add more sugarcane fibers, and to lessen food coloring
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