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No description

Uriel Soto

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of Grasshopper

PROTOTYPING DIGITAL RHINOCEROS + GRASSHOPER Is a "new" way of designing that companies have been adopting since the beginning of the last decade. •Conceptual Design




•Customer Involvement

•Marketing Used as a tool for a complex process. The benefits Changes the traditional product development Design > Build > Test > Fix Design > Analyze > Test > Build The interviewee Leonardo Nuevo Arenas CEO Complex Geometry Design Studio What is Rhinoceros+Grasshopper? How does it works? What's different? Applications 1.Take costumers and market requirements Rendering & Animation For our engineers partners... Clients & Users Jeff Rowe, “Virtual Reality,” Cadalyst, March 2, 2006.
http://usa.autodesk.com/digital-prototyping/ •Facilitate product innovation

•It gives you the ability to explore a product before it’s build

•Improve communication between the different departments of a company
•Help companies optimize, validate and visualize throughout the product development process •Simulate real world performance

•Reduce the cost and time needed for a physical prototype •Improve energy efficiency, get higher speed of production and cost effectiveness •Create photorealistic rendering and animations •Get products faster to the market Departments of a company that work with digital prototyping http://complexgeometry.com Rhinoceros 3D is a software for 3d modeling created by Robert McNeel. Rhino is specialized on free modeling using NURBS It‘s used for
•Industrial design
•Naval design
•Jewelry design
•Automotive design
•Etc and you can install and use
a variety of plug-in's for:
•Testing One of them is GrassHopper It is a visual programming that runs within Rhinoceros. It was also launched by Robert McNeel & Associates and designed by David Rutten.

It is used mainly to build generative algorithms to create 3D geometry. Models are created by dragging components onto a canvas.
The outputs to these components are then connected to the inputs of subsequent components.
Provides an intuitive way to explore designs without having to learn how to script. The software features a variety of formats for import and export, this allows break down compatibility barriers between programs during design development “From my personal point of view, this software and any other else are not more than tools, the way designers use them depend entirely on their tastes and knowledge; starting from this idea, capturing a design concept is very similar from what you would do hand sketching, sculpting or simply exploring ideas, this is a creative process, in which doesn’t exist an absolute method” Grasshopper is an environment, where instead of develop a product, designers create a process that allow them explore design possibilities for a product. The process developed with this tool can be adjusted to different needs and scales and instead of establish definitive elements of design you have to establish
that design has to follows so it can works and from that you can get a wide range of design possibilities, of which designers are able to analyze and take pertinent decisions to find the optimum answer to a determined problem . 2.Capture design concepts digitally
•Industrial design


•Jewelry design

•Automotive design

•Film industry

•Interior design STL (sthereolitography)
3D printing
.Ai (Illustrator)
.dxf/dwg (Autocad) for laser cutting or CNC
RhinoCam(develop by a independent company )
It is possible to generate G-Code to operate CNC machines (Cutters, robotic arms) Structural analysis Material strength and stress Surface continuity Curvature http://www.grasshopper3d.com/photo http://complexgeometry.com/ Video - http://vimeo. com/43469746 http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rhinoceros_3D Grasshopper is not about designing something Its’ about designing the system that design something and it is focused on the research, experimentation and development in the field of Computational Design and the Generation of advanced algorithms applied to the design. “Forget about the way it looks, think about how it behaves”

Neri Oxman. Uriel S. 04.2013 Thank
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