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Hip-Hop and the Muslim American Experience

No description

Jake Thurman

on 30 July 2015

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Transcript of Hip-Hop and the Muslim American Experience

Hip-Hop and the Muslim American Experience
History of Hip Hop and Islam in America
Conscious Rap
Rap that seeks to create awareness or impart knowledge
Sometimes includes political rap
A Few Examples:
"The Message"
Talib Kweli
Immortal Technique
Kendrick Lamar
Killer Mike
The Roots

Hip Hop...
the 4 elements
Research Questions
In what ways have Muslim Americans used hip-hop as a discursive space?
In what ways has hip-hop been impacted by Islam and/or Muslims, and in what ways has American Islam been impacted by Hip-Hop?
Hip hop created a space for young black men, including muslims, to continue to challenge notions of black inferiority
It created a space for the expression of artistry as well as political and social commentary.
Hip Hop has been employed as a space to not only proudly proclaim one's Islam, but also give a voice to the concerns of those who are otherwise ignored.
Mohammad Ali Graffiti in NYC
Ali Shaheed Muhammad DJ and former member of
A Tribe Called Quest
Yasiin Bey aka Mos Def
Islam & Conscious Rap
Lupe Fiasco (Wasalu Muhammad Jaco)
Yasiin Bey (formerly Mos Def)
Brother Ali (Ali Douglas Newman)

Hip hop and Islam share a symbiotic relationship in 21st century America and beyond.
"Knowledge of Self" - Loop
Goals intersect
Provides a space for faith and activism to converge
Muslim Cool
Professor Su'ad Abdul Khabeer
Anthropologist at Purdue University
(You should really just watch her lectures instead of mine)
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