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south east asia


mason trahan

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of south east asia

South East Asia

culture the singaporean culture
is made up of many different
cultures.There is Chinese, Malay,
Indian,Perankan,British,American,ect. food singapore food it self is one of singapore's
main turrist attractions.The Singapoean Gov.has organizes a national food festival in July to celebrate singaporean cuisine. school The public schools are gov. funded.In 2000 the compulsery education act
made it a criminal offense
to fail to enroll your kid in school. Religion like it's cultures it has
many religions.Some of their
religions are Buddhism,Islam,

Gov. They have a republican gov.
The prezident is not voted in
it is ceramonial. fasion people in singapore usually
wear name brand clothes.They like to stay up to date on clothing. intertainment people in singapore intertain themselves by going to bars, clubs, and discos. money between 1845 and 1939 singapore started to use the straights dollar. later on the straights dollar was replaced by the Malayan dollar.
Philipines culture the culture of the philippines
reflects the complexity of their history. food people in the philippines eat three meals a day.one of their favorite meals consists of salted and fried fish and rice.they also really like pork. school education in the phillipines
changed radically, modelled
on the system of education in the United States. religion like other countries the phillipines have many different religions.they have cathlics,jews, musliums,buddhists, protestants,and animists. gov. the philipine gov. is republic. fasion the latest fasion in the philippines is yellow and green shoes.they also like clothes that show off their skin.

for entertainment in the philippines they watch sports. the most popular sports in the philippines are basket ball and boxing. entertainment
money not all bills are the same color
like in the US. vietnam culture the culture of vietnam is
an agricultural civilization
based on the cultivation of wet rice. food most popular foods in vietnam are
rice, soup, and noodles.
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