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Creating a Diverse Workforce

No description

James Simpkin

on 6 November 2018

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Transcript of Creating a Diverse Workforce

Creating a Diverse Workforce
Recording of Equal Opportunites Data and Complaints
Grievance procedures
Bullying and Harrasment
Other anti-discrimination policies
Complaints procedures for service users
Employment within public services
Development of a diverse workforce through recruitment and staff selection strategies
Catering for employees’ needs through support mechanisms (staff unions, associations and federations);
Aspects of public service work which may impact on individual beliefs
Equal Opportunities
Everyone should be given an equal chance of getting a job and being promoted in the public services based on their abilities alone.
Takes place when someone feels they have been mistreated in the workplace.

Takes the form of a tribunal (a kind of court within the public service) where the case can be heard.
It may be obvious or insidious.
Since 1990 there have been no height restrictions in the police.
Used to be 5.9"
So that public services can count if they are meeting their targets for the recruitment of under-represented groups.
They cannot deliberately recruit people to meet the targets.
So that people can complain about poor or mistreatment.
PS recruit equally for 2 reasons:
To reflect the population of the UK.
It makes them more effective at doing their jobs as they can relate to different groups.
Unions are like a club employees can join to stand up for their rights.

Their strongest weapon is to strike.

Allowed to strike:
Fire Brigade
Not allowed
Armed Forces
Religious holidays.
PS can aim recruitment adverts at under represented groups.
They cannot deliberately recruit people from under-represented groups.
Up to 2014, women were not allowed to be submariners
The government is considering women to be allowed in front line roles such as tank drivers, infantry and Royal Marines.
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