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William Baffin

No description

katelyn macdonald

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of William Baffin

William Baffin
Baffins fifth adventure was the following year. He was pilot for the voyage to Greenland. While sailing to West Greenland they went up the Davis straight where he discovered a large bay to the north. On this voyage he sailed over 300 statute miles (480 km) farther north than his predecessor John Davis. In 1818 John Ross re-explored Baffin Bay. Baffin was one of Ross's heroes.
William Baffin
In 1584, a great explorer was born in London, England.
He's famous for Baffin island, Baffin bay, and the Baffin rose. Little is known about Baffin's life. He has had multiple great explores.
Baffin's explorations

The expedition left the Humber on April 22 Baffin and James hall explored the west coast of Greenland. Baffin also explored the arctic circle, in 1615 he explored the Hudson straight. He explored the coast and inlets of a large bay which was named after him. Baffin also discovered the northwest passage in 1615 accompanied by Captain Robert Bylot.
Northwest Passage
Baffin's fourth adventure was to find the Northwest Passage. He was accompanied on the voyage by Henry Hudson, William Gibbons and Robert Bylot. Baffin sailed as pilot on March 15, 1614. Hudson straight and the western Southampton Island were examined, they payed close attention to the tides there. Baffin kept a full journal of this expedition. The expedition stopped it's search because of horrible ice conditions. Later, the expedition returned in the fall of 1615.
voyage to Greenland
Later voyages

He later then took service with the English east India company. Then in 1617-1619 sailed to Surat in British India. On his return he received special recognition of the company for surveys of the Red sea and Persian golf.
Then in early 1620 he again sailed to the east. In the Anglo Persian attack on the portuguese Kishm island in the persian golf. He died from gunshot to his stomach on 23 of January 1622
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