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Internet Safety

No description

madison deckard

on 22 February 2016

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Transcript of Internet Safety

Tips For Students
Tips For Parents
Become a net-savvy parent
Chat with your kids
Agree on a game plan
Protect you kids devices
Explore the internet as a family
Tips for Students
If you wont say it in person don't say it online
Don't install any software without parent permission
Use private settings on social media
If ever un
The best safeguard against online dangers is being informed
Develop an open dialogue so that you can talk with your kids about the benefits and dangers of the internet
Use an internet safety game plan to formally agree on your family's guidelines for using the internet
Take advantage of the software that exists to help parents manage their childs computer experiences.
With a game plan and a protected computer, you can now encourage your family to take advatage of all that the internet has to offer.
Digital Citizenship
Zion, Parker, Madison, Veronica
Definition of Internet Safety
Knowledge of maximizing the user's personal safety and security risks to private information and property associated with using the internet.

Internet safety is the security of the user and their private information
Internet safety places a decent sized roll in the life of students today because of the immersion in technology we have in the current day
It is important to discuss this topic because of the immense amount of private information on the internet that can be seen and sometimes exploited
Teach your parents how to use the internet
DON'T post personal info
Ask your parents before you post
Do not answer rude/mean messages
Never share any passwords
Tips For Parents
5% of teens have met with strangers from online
25% of people lie about their ages online
29% of parents let their children use the internet with no supervision
69% of teens regularly get online communications from strangers
31% of parents help put privacy settings on their childs social networks
Records the events in security breachs
Reach out to adults or others that could help
80% of teens go online once a week
The Cyber Tip Line has got more than 2.2 million reports since 1998
There are 50,000 predators online at every moment
49% of children didn't tell anyone about being solicited
1 in 7 kids are solicted online
Internet Safety
34% students get cyberbullied in their lifetimes
8% of teens post number online
18% of youth use chat rooms
1 in 3 people will report secual crimes to a trusted adult
800 million kids go missing a year
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