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Marissa Meyer "the lunar Chronicles"

No description

madison russell

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of Marissa Meyer "the lunar Chronicles"

Marissa Meyer "the lunar Chronicles"


"Cinder" book 1
Cinder is the first book in the lunar chronicles.It first came out in January 4 ,2012,Cinder is about Cinderella but with a twist on the story she is a cyborg/Mackinac in this, another Cinderella story. Cinder lives in New Belgium with her stepmother Adri and her 2 step sisters Penny and Pearl.She and the family android Iko has their own both in the market place and when the prince kai comes to drop off his broken android and the evil Queen Luvuerna .That's were it all starts her secrets start coming up,secrets that she didn't even know she had.
"Scarlet" book 2
Scarlet book 2 of the lunar chronicles is a rewrite of "Red Riding" hood and its about,Scarlet's grandmother and how she is missing and no one is willing to help her find her, mean while cinder is breaking out of jail and trying not get cot.Scarlet ruins in to a street fighter named wolf and he is willing to help her find her grandmother, but she cant trust him and he defiantly has some secrets that come on the on their journey.When they run into cinder on there journey they have to work together to tack down Queen Lurverna.

"Cress" book 3
Cress is a remake of Rapunzel the book is coming out on February 4,2014.I am not sure what that is about yet but i will find out.
"Winter" book 4
Winter has not come out yet but its suppose to come out during 2015.
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