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Pastoral Care at Overnewton

Exploration of current practices and plans for future development of Pastoral Care

Tim Jezard

on 5 June 2018

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Transcript of Pastoral Care at Overnewton

Pastoral Care at Overnewton
What is Pastoral Care?
supporting the personal and social wellbeing of our students
providing a safe and caring environment
nurturing personal growth and positive self esteem
2007: Philosophy & Vision
Emotional Intelligence
Problem Solving
Independence (including self discipline)
Health Promoting Schools Framework
Addressing physical, mental and social health
Areas include resilience, bullying & harassment, loss & grief, coping with changes, stress, understanding mental illness
Values education (empathy, tolerance, respect)
School Ethos
School policies, practices, structures, attitudes and values
Safe and supportive learning environment
Welfare and behaviour management strategies
Activities to promote positive relationships, connectedness and self worth
Partnerships & Services
Links between college families, community members and service providers (health agencies)
Consulting with college community and external agencies regarding mental health issues
Use community supports to develop student participation in community services, etc
Working with outside agencies re transition
Whole School Approach to Mental Health (WHO, 1994)
Integrate welfare within curricular and cocurricular
Structured programs: social skills, resilience (& protective behaviours), conflict resolution, identity, emotional intelligence
Behaviour management, bullying & harassment
2008: Review
YCDI in JS at TLC and to be implemented at KC
Programs running within individual schools
Many staff providing pastoral care (counsellors, nurses, etc)
Restorative Practices in MS
Lack of integration between various schools
Lack of strategic direction re pastoral care
No structured pastoral program outside of JS
2009: PC Committee
Terms of reference, roles and responsibilities
Implementation of YCDI across whole college
Review and improve transition program across college
Development of priority action areas, identify framework
Review Anti-bullying and Attendance policies
Pastoral Planning Days with Mindmatters staff
Development of Three Year Goals & Planning Audit
Continued policy review, development and promotion (Anti-bullying, Attendance, Drug & Alcohol, Mobile Technology)
Increased marketing of Parent Education Evenings
Data collection commenced
Strategic Planning
Implementation of 3 year goals
Continued development of PC Strategic Plan
Digital Citizenship project
Continued policy review and development: Taking Responsibility (Behaviour Management), Critical Incident, Responsible Use of ICT Devices
Data Collection and analysis: Student Services data, Peer Relations and Digital Media Survey for students, parents and staff
Anti-Bullying Pledge Day
(Professor Matt Sanders, University of Queensland)
Overnewton 2020
confident in their own abilities
conscious of needs of others
accepting of diversity
spiritual awareness of self and others
role in global society
commitment to their family
(WHO, 1998)
Publication of Taking Responsibility Policy
Redevelopment of Self Harm procedures and college protocols
Completion of PC Strategic Plan
Administration of MindMatters surveys to students, staff and parents
Application for recognition as MindMatters school
Review of Restorative Practices across college
Introduce Peer Mediation into MS and SS
Behavioural incident reporting system introduced across college
Redevelopment of Anti-Bullying Policy
Drug and Alcohol Education sessions with Paul Dillon for SS students, staff and parents
Review and redevelopment of JS and SS Pastoral Program
Digital Dialogues program developed and presented to students and parents
Mindfulness and Resilience evenings with parents
Staff Wellbeing Day
Restorative Practice training for new and existing staff
Harmony Day
Increased use of social media
Tuning In To Kids parent program
Digital workshops for parents
CASEA program at both campuses
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