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Intl Dev Presentation

Singapore's Modernization

Felicia Li

on 15 December 2009

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Transcript of Intl Dev Presentation

International Social Development Presentation

Felicia Li Singapore's Modernization:
An Examination of Government's Role

President Obama and PM Lee at APEC 2009 Key Terms:

PAP: People's Action Party (Ruling Party of Singapore)

LKY: Lee Kuan Yew (1st Prime Minister of Singapore)

Goh: Goh Chok Tong (2nd Prime Minister of Singapore)

PM Lee: Lee Hsien Loong (Current Prime Minister and LKY's son) THEORIES...

Modernization theory

5 Stages of growth - Rostow
Sociological - Eisenstadt
Economic - Hoselitz Asian-Style Democracy
Paternalistic Govenment Historical Background
682 sq. km = 3.5 times Washington D.C
4.9 million people
Formal British Colony
Gain independence since 1965 Selamat Pagi வணக்கம்
Thank You Questions? Community & Society
Gemeinschaft vs Gesellschaft
Society's interest vs Individual's interest Cultural Identities
"Everybody says
HELLO to ......"

"I not stupid"
"Dick Lee" Queen's ENGLISH "Kiasuism" = "Afraid to lose" "It's for your own good" "You know lah, Singlish not accepted so kena condemned now lor" "Speak Good English Movement" Future of Singaporeans?
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