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60s elevator pitch - Investors

Test 1

Wolfram Teetz

on 24 October 2011

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Transcript of 60s elevator pitch - Investors

2013 : EcoTox&iPrior 2012 : DMSO Solubility Ahmed Abdelaziz just married Pharmacist GUC Cairo Cairo CCO CRM on his honeymoon Igor Tetko Iurii Sushko Robert Körner Physicist Moscow SU Computer Scientist Consultant IT&Design Odessa region Kiew Bioinformatician Sergii Novotarskyi Wolfram Teetz ECO CADASTER Neuroinfomatics, Bonn Wiesbaden Computer Scientist Local Server SSL Server Free Server

Demo Server Customized Server Free Access
SSL Access
Local Server
Stand-alone tool off-the-shelf off-the-shelf Stefan Brandmaier Jaques Elisa Alexandr Realization Strategy & Plans State of the Art Finish products 85% where critical Build commercial structure
optimize work & capacity Keep GO-Bio R&D running and
acquire a set of new cooperations to generate new products
Market&Ship off-the shelf products Establish partnerships, build a name (CEO/CF) Munich Network (Bio-M) OpenTox AlogPS 3 : Release 10/11
4 months work
pre-KNIME integration...
1 pre-release request Plan : 7/11 w/o request
after 3M development Sales by Quality&AD
Distributors OCHEM : Release 10/11
4 months work
1 request Marketing plan in Time with original planning
Brochures, Posters, Publications $, € & Milestones Users Reach Training Work with Vitilis Plan : 2013
Offer, Brochure out Necessary structural improvements
PhD&s and delayed employment
Cost-neutral - Not too fast and not too slow... Conclusions Thank you. $MarketingPlan $MasterPlan $JIRA $Calendar $Website $CRM? What's next - one more thing? $MarketingPlan $MasterPlan $JIRA $Calendar $Website $CRM? Questions? Quality Leadership Freemium Model
Training&Consulting + Marketplace Ease vs. Complexity & This is real work... Direct Sales
Co-Sales Soll/Ist Plan: USPs

Reliable compound property predictions

Web based, integrated system for R&D and risk assessment, tailored solutions

License agreement (software, IP and right to opt)

Cooperation agreement with the HMGU

GmbH since Sep. 2010
Plan: 7 People and first sales in 2011

Consulting Physprop OCHEM Team Open eye for opportunities&
Don't forget balcony time Licenses (example)
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