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The Killer is Shay Lemarck who poisoned Tony Demoy's drink.

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Shilpa Patel

on 18 February 2015

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Transcript of The Killer is Shay Lemarck who poisoned Tony Demoy's drink.

Finley Finch- The Deadly Doctor?
A drug bottle found in the medicine cabinet of Demoy's bathroom contianed 346.12g C, 23.98g H, 108.52g O, and 54.36g S. The molar mass of the compound was found to be 314.38 g/mol. It may be a drug prescribed for Demoy’s osteoarthritis. Prolonged ingestion of
this drug is thought to lead to heart attack. Demoy's doctor, Finley Finch has a
quiet reputation of prescribing dangerous drugs to "dispose of" unwanted
patients. Could he be the killer? Chemistry says no. By finding the empirical and molecular formulas for the substance, science shows us the killer is not the doctor.
C: 346.12 g x ( 1 mol/ 12.01 g) =28.82 / 1.70 = 17
H: 23.98 g x ( 1 mol/ 1.01 g)= 23.65 / 1.70 = 14
O: 108.52 g x ( 1 mol/ 16.00 g)=6.78/ 1.70 = 4
S: 54.36 g x ( 1 mol/ 32.07 g) = 1.70/1.170 = 1
Tony Demoy Case
The victim in the case is a 35 year old white male named Toney Demoy. Signs around the death site suggest foul play. Four possible causes of his death have been suggested by his wife, who has been ruled out as killer by her proven alibi. So that leaves us with four other possible killers. We must find the one by using a set of clues given by the autopsy report.
A Tampering Scientist?
DeMoy's latest and most brilliant research was on a specific type of aromatic hydrocarbon. DeMoy, being a paranoid individual, wouldn't specify which one, but a 453.28 g sample was shown to contain only carbon and hydrogen. Hydrogen contributed 7.76% of the total mass and the molar mass was determined to be ~78.12 g/mol. DeMoy’s laboratory had a carefully regulated ventilation system to prevent highlevel inhalation of toxic fumes in the lab. DeMoy periodically mentioned to his wife that he suspected his lab partner, Kasey Hatterson, was altering the flow rates of the system. Curiously, without DeMoy, the published research could mean thousands of
dollars for Hatterson. With money as motive, could this solve the mystery?
H: 7.76 g x (1 mol/ 1.01 g)= 7.68 / 7.68 =1
C: 92.24 x (1 mol/ 12.01 g)= 7.68 / 7.68 =1
However a clue was given from the autopsy report saying "It is not the substance whose sum of the subscripts on the molecular formula divided by the subscript on oxygen is 9." C17H1404S
17+14+4+1= 36 / 4 = 9
Therefore, the killer is not the doctor. On to the next suspect.
Shay Lemarck the disgruntled neighbor
Not a crime?
The Killer is Shay Lemarck who poisoned Tony Demoy's drink with hydrogen cyanide, a colorless and extremely poisonous liquid. This disgruntled neighbor has been deemed killer thanks to the helpful clues given to eliminate the other 3 suspects as killers.
The empirical formula is C17H14O4S
First we have to find the empirical formula, to do this we divide the grams of an element by its atomic mass then divide again by the smallest factor of all of the calculations.
Now we have to find the molecular formula. To do this we calculate the empirical formula mass, divide the molar mass by it and then multiply the Empirical formula by the factor.
17( 12.01) + 14(1.01) + 4(16) + 32.07 = 314.38
314.38 is given as molar mass so 314.38/ 314.38 = 1
1 (C17H1404S) = C17H1404S
The molecular formula is C17H14O4S also known as rofecoxib, an anti- inflammatory drug that has been recalled due to safety concern.
Several of DeMoy's full or partial fingerprints were retrieved from a tipped cup found near the crime scene. A faint almond scent was detected around the rim. A liquid sample of 823.15g of the compound was found to contain 3.74% H, 44.43%
C, and 51.83% N. The molar mass was determined to be ~27.03 g/mol. A friend of DeMoy's noticed a disgruntled neighbor, Shay Lemarck, uncharacteristically eager to provide refills of the compound for analysis. Could this be the answer? Perhaps
H: 3.74 g x ( 1 mol/ 1.01 g) =3.70 / 3.70 = 1
C: 44.43 g x ( 1 mol/ 12.01 g)= 3.70 / 3.70 = 1
N: 51.83 g x ( 1 mol/ 14.01 g)=3.70 3.70 = 1

The empirical formula is HCN.
1.01+12.01 +14.01 = 27.03, 27.03/ 27.03 = 1
The molecular formula is HCN or hydrogen cyanide an extremely poisonous liquid. Since none of the clues eliminate this man, he is still a suspect.
DeMoy's wife mentioned that the osteoarthritis had become so debilitating as of late that he was "popping painkillers like candy". One indication that this may be
the cause of death was a partially full painkiller bottle found on the scene.
Chemical analysis of one pill (1454.10 g) revealed 924.08 g C, 87.39 g H, 134.80
g N, and 307.83 g O. The molar mass of the drug is known to be 151.18 g/mol.
Could it be that the crime scene is not a crime scene at all?
C: 924.08 g x ( 1 mol/ 12.01 g) =76.94 / 9.62 = 8
H: 87.39 g x ( 1 mol/ 1.01 g)= 86.52 / 9.62 = 9
N: 134.80 g x ( 1 mol/ 14.01 g) = 9.62/9.62 = 1
O: 307.83 g x ( 1 mol/ 16.00 g)=19.23/ 9.62 = 2
8(12.010+9(1.01)+14+32 = 151.17 , 151. 17 / 151.17 = 1
The molecular formula is C8H9NO2, acetaminophen, a drug that can cause death when taken too much. However it did not cause Demoy's death as one of the clues says "It is not the substance whose sum of the subscripts on the molecule or formula is 20." 8+9+1+2= 20 Therefore the pain meds are not responsible for the murder.

The empirical formula is HC.
1.01 + 12.01 = 13.02 78.12/ 13.02 = 6
6 x (HC) = H6C6 The molecular formula is H6C6 or Benzene, a colorless and highly flammable liquid. However this chemical is not the killer as the clue says " it is not the substance who has a different empirical formula and molecular formula." The empirical formula is HC while the molecular formula is H6C6. This means the killer is...
The empirical formula is C8H9NO2.
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