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North Dakota By Henry

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on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of North Dakota By Henry

North Dakota By Henry
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
1. North Dakota's greatest resource is soil
2.North Dakota's depends heavily on agriculture
3.Ranches cover 90% of the state
4.North Dakota makes a lot of spaghetti

1. North Dakota's capitol is Bismark
2. North Dakota's state abbreviation is ND
3. ND's governor is Jack Dalrymple
4. ND has 2 US Senators
Fun Facts
1. Dakota is Sioux for "allies"
2. ND is nicknamed the flicker tail state because of the state squirrel
3. More water fowl hatches in ND than any other state
4. Milk is the ND state drink
5. ND is best state to find dinosaur fossils
6. More than 3/4 of ND belongs to one church
7. Sitting Bull is from ND
8. Theodore Roosevelt is from ND
9. 699,628 people live in ND the 48th largest state in population [small]
10. Angie Dickenson is from ND
11. ND has two time zones
1. There are 3 regions in North Dakota
2.The badlands start in North Dakota
3.North Dakota is the 19th largest state
4.North Dakota's area is 70,704 sq miles
Time Line
Sacagawea and Lewis and Clark spend first winter in ND.
Railroad reaches ND
ND becomes state

severe drought devastates ND
Geographic Location
1. Looks like Mars landscape
2. The Badlands start in ND
3. People think aliens come because it looks like Mars
4. All the rocks are made of sand stone
Political location
1. Population 61,272
2. Bismark is the capital
3. Bismark is on the Missouri River
4. Bismark is a computer processor
Fun Location
Cedar River National Grassland
1. CRNG is 6,717 acres
2. There are very flat plains
3. There are small hills
4. Only few small brooks exist
Historic Location
1.Fargo is the biggest city
2.Its population was 105,549 in 2010
3.Founded in 1871
4.Home of NDSU
Political map
Topographic map
Physical map
Road map
Economic Location
Falkirk Mine
1. Began in 1978
2. Mine 7 million tons of coal each year
3.Reclaims 400 acres of land annually
4.Part of North American Coal
Road Distances
Total Distance is 1,380 miles long
North Dakota is famous for their soil so I Brought dirt!!!
I have stuff to share with you guys
1. ND license plate
2. Travel Guide
3. Road Map
4. History Page

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