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project presentation


Jack Bauer

on 23 August 2012

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Transcript of project presentation

Eigenfrequencies of a Bicycle Spoke Introduction Overview Team members and functions Stefan Klampfer, C-programming, PL Mario Laubichler, VB-programming,
Documentation Patrick Gratzl, C-programming,
Documentation task/problem description methods programm structure programm presentation questions & answers Task/Problem description find out pretension of bycicle
spokes through its eigenfrequency bycicle spokes are highly stressed a bycicle wheel should be as rigid as possible high pretension must not fail under heavy loads methods used approach to get an ODE with
respect to x
discretized ODE
leads to eigenvalue problem
numerically solved through
Jacobi Rotation and QR-Method programm
structure GUI input parameters dll eigval. & eigvec. Thank you for your attention! programm presentation Questions are welcome!
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