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Games in the classroom

No description

Jackie Jenkins

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Games in the classroom

Vocabulary terms
or concepts to
review Same rules as rummy except Games in the Classroom Jackie Jenkins Only acting, no speaking Exit Ticket Decimal Topic Examples Objective
Pronouns Area What is the area of a triangle that has a
height of 10 and a base of 8? Tic-Tac-Topic Taboo Probability Civil War Photosynthesis Slope States Scientific
Method Parts of an Essay Area 8 10 answer A=BxH 2 10 x 8 = 80
80 / 2 = 40 Answer = 40 tenths
place value
base ten
hundreths Mitosis Chromosomes
cell Rummy a run must be components of a sequence a set must be things in common the process for dividing fractions Keep the
fraction Flip from
divide to
multiply Change
the second
fraction to
its opposite
(reciprocal) Multiply
and reduce equivalent fractions 3/6 4/8 5/10 How to win: Students must get a run of 4 and
set of 3 or reverse to win. Charades Teams must come up with phrases/topics for the other team to act out. Each person on each team must only go once. Pictionary Slope One Word decimals
percents Human
Bingo Content that
needs to be
reviewed Prove
you can
do it signatures random
selected dividing
fractions grammer scientific
method y-4=3x 3x+7y=14 3x=y-6 slope=3

=-5 Password Fraction Jeopardy Slap! Example Topic: Force Choose your favorite game and write examples of topics/categories, from your concentration, you could use in your classroom. Rise/Run Run/Rise x/y y/x ax+by=c y=mx+b ax+by=c x=ay x+y+c=a a+b=c y=3x+8 y=7x-3 y=1/2x+1 y=-4x+4 y=8x+3 y=-x-5 y-intercept x-intercept Math
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