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Harry Potter Spells


Lucas Nielsen

on 1 December 2017

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Transcript of Harry Potter Spells

Harry Potter Spells / Curses
& Latin Roots

By Lucas Nielsen
Pronunciation: AH-gwah-MEN-tee
Description: Produces a fountain or jet of water from the wand tip. Used by Fleur Delacour to extinguish her flaming skirt during a fight against a dragon. Harry also used this spell to provide a drink for Dumbledore and to put out the fire in Hagrid's hut.
Latin Origin: Aqua "water" & Mentis "mind".
Aguamenti - Water Making Spell
Aparecium - Revealing Charm
Pronunciation: AH-par-EE-see-um
Description: This spell is used to reverse concealing charms, and can show invisible ink . Used by Hermione to attempt to reveal hidden writing in a diary.
Latin origin: Apparere "to appear".

Pronunciation: AK-see-oh
Description: This charm summons an object. Harry summoned his broom to complete the first task of the Triwizard Tournament. The summoning charm is limited only to items and small animals, not for summoning people.
Latin origin: Accio means "I call" or "I summon".

Accio - Summoning Charm
Crucio -Torture Curse
Pronunciation: KROO-shea-oh
Description: To cause intense pain & torture. It can only be cast by someone who has a true desire to hurt another - not from anger. One of the 3 Unforgivable Curses. Used multiple times in the Harry Potter books.
Latin origin: Crucio means "I torture".

Alarte Ascendare - Fly Upwards Spell
Pronounced: A-LAR-tey ah-SEN-deh-rey
Description: Shoots the target high into the air. Used only by Gilderoy Lockhart in the Defense Against Dark Arts dueling club when Malfoy conjured a big snake.
Latin Origin: Ascendere means"to go up or to climb or rise". This is the origin of the English word "ascend".

Anapneo - Anti-choking Spell
Pronunciation: ah-NAP-nee-oh
Description: Clears someone's airway, if they're choking. Used by Horace Slughorn on Marcus Belby when he choked on a pheasant .
Latin origin: Aanapneo "breathe in"

ah-RAHN-ee-a EKS-su-may
Description: This spell is used to blast away arachnids (spiders). Harry used this spell in The Forbidden Forest to defend from spiders.
Latin origin: From aranea, meaning "spider", and exuo, meaning "lay aside".

Arania Exumai - Spider Blast Spell

Incendio -Fire Making Spell
Pronunciation: in-SEN-dee-oh
Description: Produces fire. Used to create fire in hearths to use floo powder, set fire to Hagrid's hut & many times in battle.
Latin origin: Incendere means "to set fire"
Levicorpus -Levitating Spell
Pronunciation: lev-ee-COR-pus
Description: The victim is hanged upside-down by their ankles. Spell invented by Half Blood Prince (Snape) & used by Harry's father against Snape.
Latin origin: Levi "raise", Corpus "body"
Lumos - Wand-Lighting Charm
Pronunciation: LOO-mos
Description: Creates a narrow beam of light that shines from the wand's tip, like a torch. Seen many times throughout the Harry Potter series.
Latin origin: Lumen "light"
Morsmordre - Dark Mark
Pronunciation: morz-MOR-drah
Description: Conjures the Dark Mark which is a symbol to summon the Death Eaters. It was invented by Lord Voldemort & used at the World Cup Quidditch Tournament & to lure Albus Dumbledore to his death.
Latin origin: Mors "death", Mordere "bite"
Nox - Light Extinguishing Charm
Pronunciation: Nocks
Description: Turns off light produced by Lumos.
Hermione Granger used this spell to turn off their wand-lights in the Shrieking Shack & by Harry in the passage under the Whomping Willow. Also used by Harry to turn off the light so he could hide the Marauder's Map from Severus Snape.
Latin origin: Nox "night".
Obliviate -Memory Charm
Pronunciation: oh-BLI-vee-ate
Description: Used to hide a memory of an event. The spell is often used against Muggles who have seen something of the Wizard world. Used by Gilderoy Lockhart on Harry and Ron but backfired so Lockhart lost most of his own memory. Hermione used it to wipe her parents memories and on two Death Eaters who had followed them after their escape from Ron's brother's wedding.
Latin origin: Oblivisci "forget".

Oppugno -Attacking Jinx
Pronunciation: oh-PUG-noh
Description: Causes animals or beings of lesser intelligence to attack.
Used by Hermione to attack Ron with a summoned flock of canaries during an argument.
Latin origin: Oppugno, "I attack".

Ochideous - Flower Producing Spell
Pronunciation: or-KID-ee-us
Description: Makes a bouquet of flowers appear out of the caster's wand. Used by Mr. Ollivander to test Fleur Delacour's wand. Also used by Tom Riddle to make flowers for Mrs. Smith.
Latin origin: Orchid "flower" .
Description: A jet of green light strikes the victim, who then vomits slugs for ten minutes. The sizes of the vomited slugs decrease with time. Seen in Chamber of Secrets when Ron tried to use it on Draco but the spell backfired on him instead.
Latin origin: Eructo "vomit" & slugulus "slug"
Slugulus Eructo - Slug Vomiting Spell
Pronunciation: sih-LEN-see-oh
Description: Makes something silent. First used by Hermione to silence a frog and a raven in Charms class, then later used to silence a Death Eater that was trying to tell other Death Eaters where they were.
Latin origin: Silentium"silence".

Description: A spell used when fighting a Boggart, makes the Boggart become whatever you are thinking of. Boggarts have no particular form and take the shape of the viewers greatest fear. They can only be weakened by laughter so it is best if the caster focuses on something funny. Used many times but first when Lupin was teaching Defence Against Dark Arts and had Neville focus on Snape (his biggest fear) wearing his grandmother's clothes.
Latin origin: Ridiculus "laughable"
Riddikulus - Boggart Banishing Spell
Pronunciation: pro-TAY-goh toh-TAH-lum
Description: Casts a shield charm over a small area that will not let anything pass through, except for the Unforgivable Curses: Avada Kedavra, Imperio and Crucio.
Hermione used this charms as part of the protective enchantments used to hide the camp she shared with Harry and Ron during the hunt for the Horcruxes
Etymology: Latin protego meaning "to protect" and Latin totus meaning "as a whole"
Protego Totalum - Area Protecting Charm
Protego Horribilis
Pronunciation: pro-TAY-goh horr-uh-BIHL-ihs
Description: A powerful shield charm to protect against dark magic, however it can be broken with a shield penetration spell.
Cast by Filius Flitwick the protect Hogwarts in the Battle of Hogwarts.
Latin origin: Protego "I protect" and Horribilis "horrible , frightful, dreadful".

Pronunciation: re-DOO-see-oh
Description: Makes an enlarged object smaller. Counter-charm to Engorgio.
Seen after Harry checked his Blackthorn wand on the Bluebell flames with Engorgio, then casts this spell to shorten the large flames.
Latin origin: Reduco "reduce"

Reducio (Shrinking Charm)
I really enjoyed this project. Finding out the Latin roots of words is really interesting to me. I also really liked learning about the spells from Harry Potter. I think it was pretty neat of J.K. Rowling to use Latin in the Harry Potter spells and other words in her novels. Now I look for root words when I am reading other stuff.
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