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Ritz Jem Cordillon

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Asthma

What is Asthma? Ritz Jem Cordillon
Kaman Chen
Isabel Mandal
Mary Cabahit Asthma Symptoms of Asthma Treatment *Some signs of Asthma are shortness of breath, wheezing, coughing, chest-tightness, chest-pain, or chest-pressure. What causes Asthma? *Some causes and risk factors of asthma are: Pollen Cigarette Smoke Pollution Dust Animal *Hair, Fur, or Feather* Weather Change How to prevent Asthma? To prevent asthma avoid substances that causes the symptoms, such as dust, pollen, particles from feather, animal dander, smoke from cigarette, and other inhaled allergens. SYMPTOMS OF ASTHMA ATTACK COMMON SYMPTOMS EARLY SYMPTOMS OF ASTHMA *Coughing a lot at night, losing your breath easily, having difficulties while exercising, decrease of lung functions, trouble sleeping, and signs of a cold or allergies. *Several wheezing, chronic coughing, rapid breathing, tightened neck, difficulties talking, panicking, pale or sweaty face, and blue lips or fingernails. Processes During an Asthma attack the smooth muscle layer becomes swollen and the airway narrows. Then, the middle layer also becomes swollen and excess of mucus is produced, which plugs the airways almost completely.
This happens because mast cells, a type of cell in the immune system that attacks unknown allergens, activates and attacks the allergens that are harmless. Mast cells causes the inflammation and the excess of mucus. Types of Asthma Allergic Asthma: Is the most common type of Asthma, and it is caused by the mast cells attacking harmless allergens.
Exercise Induced Asthma: Occurs when you experience unexpected Asthma symptoms while exercising.
Cough Variant Asthma: It is the most difficult type to diagnose, and has only one symptom, chronic coughing.
Occupational: It is caused by the work environment and stress.
Nocturnal: Occurs between midnight and 8AM, and it is triggered by allergens.
Health conditions that mimic Asthma symptoms: They are types of diseases that have similar symptoms as Asthma, such as Cardiac Asthma which is actually a heart failure. Asthma is treated with Beta-Agonist Medications and Inhaled Corticosteroids.
Beta-Agonist Medications stimulate the muscles to relax and open the airways. Long acting last for 12hrs or more. Short acting last for 4 to 6hrs.
Inhaled Corticosteroids are a non inflammatory controller medications.
These medications must be used in conjunction to avoid side effects. History of Asthma Asthma has been present since a long time ago. Asthma was present in Egypt and Ancient China. Overtime, Asthma has been defined as anything that causes shortness of breath by many physicians, such as Hippocrates. The development of Asthma has been progressing as time passes by, and symptoms, causes, and treatment methods have been discovered. The most recent discovery (2012) is the inhaled corticosteroids as a treatment method. Obstacles faced by researchers and controversial aspect of the research. Citations "Asthma: Merck Manual Home Edition." Asthma: Merck Manual Home Edition. N.p., n.d. Web.
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"What Are Inhaled Corticosteroids?"Http://asthma.about.com/od/treatmentoptions/a/ics.htm. N.p.,
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Web. 07 Nov. 2012. <http://hardluckasthma.blogspot.com/p/asthma-history.html>. Body Part That Is Affected The controversy regarding Asthma is related to the methods of treatment. Corticosteroid inhalers and Beta- Agonist Medications are drugs, and they must be used in conjunction in order for them to work. However, combining drugs can be dangerous and cause side effects, such as affecting the muscles in the heart and around the bones and even death. The studies, however, did not allow researchers to examine the risk of death under different approaches.The controversy of the medications for Asthma being drugs has led to the FDA mandating label changes restricting LABA use, and parents worry about the growth of their children while under drug medication. Asthma is a chronic long-term disease of the lungs that consists of the narrowing/inflammation of the bronchial tubes or airways of the lungs in respond to a stimuli. Asthma is not an infectious disease, but it can be genetically transmitted or caused by environmental factors. To diagnose Asthma you need a pulmonary function test Asthma affects the respiratory system. It affects the lungs and airways. Living with Asthma. A life with asthma could be very tough, but there are some ways you could deal with it.By talking to a doctor and planning ways that could prevent asthma from happening, you are able to live an easier and care free life. Environmental changes can help you stay away from some asthma triggers. Having knowledge about which medicines to use is also very important. Current and future Research The latest analysis examined five studies and found that removing a long acting beta agonist and continuing with an inhaled corticosteroid was worse than continuing with both medications. Patients that stopped using the long beta agonist reported more Asthma problems and needed more medications. However, the corticosteroids inhalers were not that effective without the beta agonist.
Future research in the inflammation of the airways, lung stems cell biology, consequences of leukocyte –resident cells and resident cell interactions, and whether the ethnic, age, or sex has an influence on the disease will lead to the development of new and more effective methods of treatment. Being overweight
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