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Searching for Summer Margin Questions

No description

Mark Frymoyer

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of Searching for Summer Margin Questions

Margin Question Answers Searching for Summer A. How have the sky and climate changed, and why? "in the days when the sky was blue" (line 9) "where the cloud belt had thinned" (line 15) "it was years since the bombs had been banned" (line 4) B. Note how the countryside looks and feels. What mood is created by this description? The road is "gray and gritty". (line 32) The countryside is gray and chilly. (lines 36-37) These descriptions create a dreary, depressing mood. C. Why are buses and trucks a sign that sunshine has been spotted in the area. "Last time I saw the sun was two years ago." (Lines 52-53) Sunshine is so infrequent, that people travel just to see it. D. Discussion Time! E. How does Mr. Noakes response to the Hatchings differ from everyone else's? He is unsympathetic, he curses "irritably at the delay" and even suggests they be put to sleep! (lines 81-82 and 90-91) F. How does the author make the dialogue sound real? Her uses of dialect makes the reader feel that they are truly placed in the setting of the story. G. What mood does the sensory langauge used to describe the woods convey to you? The "lowering sky" (136-137) and "rudimentary leaves, wizened and poverty stricken" (138) suggest a gloomy depressing mood. H. How would you describe the mood conveyed in lines 174-191? The mood is inviting. The setting is warm, bright and colorful. "dusty golden square" (174-175) "blazing geraniums" (176) "murmuring bees" (177) all suggest a mood of hope and happiness. I. Discussion Time! J. Why do Mr. Noakes statements fill Tom and Lily with horror? He wonders where they got "it". "It" means money to him. They are afraid he will ruin their perfect spot. (242) K. What do Tom and Lily decide to do? They lie. They say they have been "right away beyond Brinsley". (250)
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