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The Dictionary

Library Skills

Idamaris Melendez

on 14 September 2010

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Transcript of The Dictionary

The Dictionary Developing Information Competences
Teacher Librarian:
Idamaris Meléndez What is a Dictionary? Dictionary Types How is a Dictionary Organized? To make dictionaries easier to use, the words are organized in alphabetical order. To use a dictionary easily, you must know how to alphabetize words. Since there are so many words in a dictionary, guide words
are used to help you locate a word quickly. What are guide words? Guide words are found at the top of each page. They tell you the first and last word that is found on that page. brown building How do guide words help you find
a word quickly? Instead of looking at each word on a page… Look at the guide words Use what you know about alphabetizing words to decide if your word would be found
on that page. Let’s see what that means: Let’s pretend we are looking up the word,

English. 1. First we would turn to the E section. 2. We would look at the guide words at the top of each page and decide between which ones our word would come in alphabetical order. Which one of these pages would
contain the word English? enforcement - entrance earpiece - education
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