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Japanese Cartoon<Shugo Chara>

<Shugo Chara> is one of the most famous Japanese Cartoon around the world. It tells us a student life changed when she met some special people......

Cathy Cheng

on 16 March 2011

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Transcript of Japanese Cartoon<Shugo Chara>

Japanese Cartoon <Shugo Chara> This is one of the most famous Japanese cartoon around the world It tells us there is a "dream egg" in every child's heart There is a girl called Amu Hinamori. She seems like very cool and spicy, and almost everyone imagine can be that cool. But, the truth is, Amu isn't very cool and spicy, she didn't want to be that kind of person. She is a lovely and nice person. At this time, Amu prays to god. She says she want to be real her, not the 'Seem Her'. Then, magical things happened! When she woke up, she found that she has 3 eggs!!!! Then, she found......The elementary school's guardians who have that magical eggs too. They want Amu join them, and have a really hard and strong job that find X eggs. Amu is a 'Joker' of them, which means she is the most stronger of them. This is the King of Guardians, Hotori Tadase. They are two Queens of guardians, there are two because one was gone to America. Gone There are three Jacks. But they all have some stories. There is only one Jack here. This is the Ace of Guardians. This is Ikuto, not one of the Guardians. This is Utau, she is a famous singer. She is Ikuto's younger sister. She has the eggs too. They are the Guardians Characters from the eggs. They are Amu's Guardians Characters. Ran Miki Su Dia This is The King Hotori's guardians character. =.= Kiseki They are queens' guardians characters. Temari Kusu kusu ......there are lots of characters... Thank you for watching!
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