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badminton brochure

No description

Shayda D

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of badminton brochure

Welcome to Shayda's Badminton Camp! An Example of
3 General Strategies
in Badminton Where: Johnny's Outdoor Sports Center
When: From 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM Mon - Fri in the summer (from 6/1 to 8/1. Separated by sessions.)
Cost: $150 per 1 week session

Badminton gear & lunch is provided.

You will learn the tactics for an exemplary drop shot, smash, serve, and overhead clear. Further information on these techniques are attached. Also attached is the criteria and information for a successful serve. Hip Rotation: By leading with your hip, you can move force from the lower body up to the upper body, and, furthermore, into the birdie This provides a more powerful serve. Tennis also requires hip rotation for stronger serves and hits
Longer Lever Arm: The longer the lever arm, the more force exerted on the birdie. If you exert more force, you will have a more forceful serve that will be more difficult for the opponent to have time/strength react to. Another sport involving the use of long levers is in baseball. Pitching requires the use of the entire arm to apply more force to the ball, which increases its velocity. Positive behavior and interactions with other players are mandatory at this camp! Here at Shayda's Badminton Camp, we want to ensure that you will have a fun, positive experience AND improve your badminton skills! Keeping an optimistic outlook on games and being respectful towards others will improve the environment and create a fair, peaceful game. Also, good social skills on and off the court will create good rapport with your partner, which will allow you to be a more synchronized team with advanced communication; a vital skill for badminton strategy. Good badminton etiquette also includes not "hogging" the birdie by going in front of your partner to hit the birdie. This will prevent you from getting into each other's way, as well as preventing any tension involving jealousy or frustration between you and your partner. The Importance of Good Sportsmanship (In Doubles)

Side to Side Formation This positioning is generally best for defensive strategy.
Front and Back Formation: This positioning is generally best for offensive strategy.
Study your opponents! Cater your hits to your advantages and their weaknesses. Requirements for a successful serve: Biomechanical Principles For Singles AND Doubles:
Contact of racket with birdie must occur below server's waist
Server must be in correct service court boundaries
Server must announce score before each serve for point to be valid
Birdie must be dropped before hit with racket
Server and receiver must stand diagonal to each other and on opposite sides of the court
Server must step back with dominant foot
Birdie must be hit over the net and land in the diagonally opposite service court (must be within service boundaries)
For Doubles:
Server and partner must switch sides (right/left) per consecutive rally won
Once rally is lost by your team and opposing team serves and rally is then won again by your team, partner who did not previously serves now becomes server Serve Break-Down:
Ready Position:
Feet shoulder width apart, with dominant foot a step back; holding racket in "handshake" grip
Prep Phase:
Hold birdie with thumb and forefinger about 6 inches from the racket and drop it
Hitting Phase:
Hit the birdie with your lever arm (your arm with the extension of your racket) to induce more force, while making sure contact point of racket and birdie is below waist
Follow Through
Follow through up and over to opposite shoulder (but still make sure to hit birdie below waist!) Shh...secret serving tip! If your score is even, the server is on the right side.
If your score is odd, the server is on the left side. Shayda's Badminton Camp Brochure By Shayda Dehnow Period 2 Physical Education Mr. Payne Due: 11/19/12 We can't wait for you to join us at Shayda's Badminton Camp! HURRY! Sign up today! Get a spot while it lasts! Plus, if you sign up before 5/13/12, you will get a 20% off discount! Join us!
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