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Skylar Armbrust

on 17 October 2017

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Transcript of Senses

The five sense everyone is familiar with are Touch, Taste, Sight, Sound and Smell. The point of this discussion and presentation is to decide which senses are needed and which ones we could live with out.
Taste I would say is the least important. Taste is the sense that is associated with.. taste. It tells you that candy is sweet, and chips are salty and things like that. I would say that you could live with out the sense taste for it doesn't any needed skills involved with it. This would make taste the 5th important sense out of the five.
I would have to say that sight is very important. It helps you notice what is in your surroundings and figure out what is going on in situations. It also helps you access situations seeing what is going on. So I would say that sight is the 1st important sense out of all the 5 senses.
Sound is also very important. It also assists in helping figure out environment changes and helps in situations. With sound you can hear what is going on around you and help solve changes and isuse around you. I would say that sound is the 2nd on out of the five senses.
I think that touch is important but not extremely important. Touch is the part of the body associated with feeling. What I mean by this is when you touch an ice cube you can tell its cold, or a bowl that has been in the microwave for awhile, then you can tell its warm. Out of the five I would say that this is the 4th most important one.

Smell is the last sense out of the five and i would say its right in the mid
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