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iPad, instruct, infuse, integrate, individualize

Jana Wenzel

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of i5

i5 iPad 4 Elementary Classrooms
5 iPads each 3 Secondary Classrooms
15 iPads each Grant Duration
September - May of 2011 instruct infuse integrate individualize
Agenda Items
expectations, iPad updates, management tips, deadlines
Professional Development session
Whole Group Sharing - Implementation ideas, lessons learned, exemplar lessons
Small group collaboration
Instructional Technology Specialist planned with Academy teachers to integrate/infuse iPad into weekly lessons.
researched applications and activities
created example lessons
cooperated with academy teacher to create original lessons Any classroom teacher could apply. Grant Application Explain how the iPad would be used to enhance learning. Administrative Approval Required Selection Commitee reviewed applications and awarded grants. iPad Grant Explain current/past use of technology as instructional tool. Collaboration with each other Monthly after school meetings Lead by Inst. Technology Specialist iPad Academy Meetings Sonic Drinks! Planning Sessions BISD Exemplar Lessons https://sites.google.com/a/bryanisd.org/i5apps/ Teacher Survey Results Student Results
Secondary 71% felt that utilization of the iPad would support and enhance their student's achievement to a great extent 100% agreed the use of the iPad increased student motivation 100% to discover concepts and prove relationships 85% to become more critical thinkers 88% prefer to have textbooks as ebooks 48% agree that using the iPad made them want to come to school more often 87% want to use an iPad in every class (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr Student Results
Elementary 97% agree the iPad is easy to use 80% would rather read from an iPad than a book 65% agree using the iPad made them want to come to school more often 71% to solve relevant, real world problems 71% felt that using an iPad was better than a laptop 84% to construct new knowlege SPED Deployment District issued iTunes account
iSetUp Training - 1.5 hrs for ALL iPad users
iManage Training - 1 hr. for cart management
iIntegrate Training - customized training 23 campus iPOW Carts Teachers are still integrating iPads and always looking for new ideas Requirements iPad Academy 220 iPads
9 iPOWS Contact Information Janis Greeno
District Training Coordinator
janis.greeno@bryanisd.org Troy Kuhn (Elementary)
Instructional Technology Specialist
troy.kuhn@bryanisd.org Sara Anderson (Middle School)
Instructional Technology Specialist
sara.anderson@bryanisd.org Jana Wenzel (High School)
Instructional Technology Specialist
jana.wenzel@bryanisd.org Blog:
Techy Things Teachers Should Try
http://bryantechnology.blogspot.com/ Facebook:
http://www.facebook.com/BryanISDIT Twitter:
@jhwenzel 2011-2012 Students used the iPad: Join the backchannel at: http://todaysmeet.com/i5
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