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Barbados and Barbadians******

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anita lujan

on 10 August 2016

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Transcript of Barbados and Barbadians******

Barbados Culture
designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
How Barbadians Maintain Health
Maintain spiritual health by prayer and attending church.
Stay physically healthy by staying active, eating healthy, exercising, swimming, hiking, and going for walks.
They drink "bush" tea once or twice a year.
Bush tea consits of mixtures of cerassie, peri-winkle, annatto, dandelion, vervine, guaco, cashew bark, coconut shell, aloe vera, and cannabis satira.
Indigenous ethnomedical system, which includes natural herbs and home remedies.
Biomedical system, which is much like a Western approach.
Combination of the two.
Barbadian Birth Rites
Birth of a child is a joyous time and is a cause for celebration.
Naming ceremony, where family and friends come together and celebrate with food and good conversation while giving the new parents name suggestions.
Barbados is home to an estimated 287,400 Barbadians or "Bajans".
It is located on the South American Continental shelf that lies in the Western Atlantic Ocean.
Fun Facts
80% of Barbadians on the island are Christian
Hmm...Maybe that's the reason Barbados has never been successfully invaded by a foreign power!!
How Barbadians Protect Health
How Barbadians Restore Health
Fun Facts
Barbados is known for having an out-standing health care delivery system.
Fun Facts
Barbadians believe that a child does not truly exist until he or she is named.

Barbadian Marriage Rite Practice
Majority of the time visiting unions between couples give way to common-law marriages.
Few couples get the common-law marriage legitimated by a church.
Elaborate celebrations take place after a marriage ceremony.
Special dishes prepared.
Barbadian Death Rite Practice
Funerals held with an elaborate celebration after to celebrate the departure of the persons spirit into the afterlife.
"Wakes" sometimes held.
Fun Facts
"Wake" An informal and unstructured social gathering or vigil, begins first night after death. Participants stay at the deceased's home and stay awake throughout the night praying and comforting each other. Participants leave in the morning only to return in the night to repeat the process. "Wakes" can last 3 to 40 days.
Famous Barbadian
Robyn "Rihanna" Fenty

Fun Facts
Certain dishes like Puddin N' Souse are prepared for weddings as well as a birth of a child.
CAUTION: Contains pig belly and boiled pigs head
Barbadian's native language is British English. However, the local language is referred to as Bajan dialect, which can also be called broken English or pidgin English.
What I found most interesting about Barbadians is their strong religious beliefs. Also, just how much of a paradise Barbados really is. The island is like a little slice of Heaven right here on earth.
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