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Mayor's Office Prezi (V1)

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Ideas in Motion

on 7 September 2013

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Transcript of Mayor's Office Prezi (V1)

Making a difference for Albuquerque's High School Students.
The national unemployment rate stood at 8.1% in August, joblessness among those without a high school degree measured 12%.
Dropout Statistics
This program allows elective courses to be utilized so students who participate in approved apprenticeship courses would still graduate with their class.
Allows industry to drive the curriculum, skills, and credentials necessary for the future workforce
The program intends to:
Decrease dropout rates by providing an incentive to stay in school
Create a pipeline of trained labor, stimulating economic development
In the early 1960's, John Gardner, in his classic book "Excellence," talked about the importance of vocational education, and developing excellence across all occupations for the social and economic health of our society. There is an innate bias against vocational education currently in our country...
... but a shift is starting to take place.
Partnerships have been formed with Central New Mexico College and The Albuquerque Public Schools.
Many of the skills needed to compete in the global market of the 21st century are technical, The nation is starting to recognize the missing link.
There is a demand in economic development for well-trained employees. Some students are being missed, and so are their opportunities.
The training does not burden the state with large capital and operating cost increases.
Running Start for Careers is designed to give students entry to industry developed and taught curricula in career development during their critical high school years.
The overall goal is to give students direct entry into taught pre-apprenticeship programs during 11th and 12th grade years.
Determine what positions are most in demand, have students learn directly from the industry.
There are no fees to students, or parents. Funding comes from the City of Albuquerque, the partner industries, and through the dual credit program with CNM and APS.
Students enroll through CNM. When completed, if the students qualifies, they are encouraged to apply directly with the company.
The need for the Running Start for Careers Program in each community has become obvious, and the excitement is surpassing all expectations. We're helping fulfill student's desire to succeed.

Culinary Arts



Health Care





Criminal Justice / Law Enforcement
Current Programs:
The Northeastern University study also found that when compared to the typical high school graduate, a dropout will cost taxpayers an average of $292,000 over a lifetime due to the pricetag associated with incarceration and other factors such as lesser tax revenues.
The average income a high school dropout can expect to earn according to the U.S. Census Bureau. That's less than $10,386 less than a high school graduate.
Among dropouts between the ages of 16-24, incarceration rates were a whopping 63 times higher than among college graduates, according to a study by researchers at Northeastern University.
Dropouts experience a poverty rate of 30.8%, while those with at least a Bachelor's Degree had a poverty rate of 13.5%.
Future Workforce
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