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El Noticiero

No description

Joe Chacón

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of El Noticiero

Puerto Vallarta, México West Palm Beach, Florida La Paz, México Campeche, México San Antonio, Texas Dique- Levee

Violenta- Violent

Recibiendo- Receiving

Trágicas- Tragic

Secuestro- Kidnapping

Supermodelo- Supermodel

Notificada- Notified

Ausencia- Absence

Contactado- Contacted

Información- Information

Departamento- Department

Regresamos- To return

Rabioso- Rabid

Residentes- Residents

Ciudadanos- Citizens

Quede- To stay

Experimentando- Experiencing

Dificultades Técnicas- Technical Difficulties
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