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Resumé Kai Becker

No description

Kai Becker

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Resumé Kai Becker

Kai Becker
Data Analyst AND/OR Product Manager
+49 (0) 1522 87 307 43
Niederbarnimstr. 8, 10247 Berlin

Some adventurous days of childhood...
September 2003 - August 20005
Inventory Management
January 2010 - December 2011
Manager Operations & Customer Intelligence
January 2012 - Dezember 2012
September 2005 - September 2009
April 2008 - December 2008
Humboldt University Berlin
Graduation Date:
1.6 (Rank 21/131)
September 2009
Management of all direct marketing and email marketing (EMM) budgets
Leadership of a team of 4 employees
Data based optimization of direct maketing channels along relevant KPI
Responsible for identification, priorities and implementation of actions to improve customer loyalty along the customer lifecycle, e.g.
mirapodo-cataloque H/W 2012
Printmailingcampaigns in cooperation with dt. Post
VIP & customer referral programm
Developement, implementation and analysis of multivariate testing strategies for direct marketing an EMM
Lead management & cooperations
Continuous measurement of customer satisfaction and loyalty

September 2007 - February 2008
University of Cologne
Pre-Diploma in Economics:
Economics, Mathematics
2.3 (Rank 43/396)
March 2005
Big Move(s)
Developement and optimization of best in class service processes in cooperation with IT, Logistic etc., CS-Controlling
Development of the mirapodo CRM software solution to support best in class customer satisfaction and loyalty, integration into mirapodo's system landscape (ERP, Demandware, DWH, CTI etc.), full budget responsibility
Management of all relevant project members (SCRUM)
On-demand management of company-wide (IT-)projects

Résumé of
Kai Becker
Fast thoughts & excellent communication
Profound knowledge / relevant working experience in the fields of
Product Management & IT Project Management
Customer Intelligence & CRM
Direct Marketing & Newsletter
Université Pantheon-Assas
Paris II
Economics / Erasmus
Courses: Elements d'Optimisation &
Economie et politique du conflit, French
Customer Relationship Management
Def. und development of Customer-Intelligence-relevant fields of the mirapodo data warehouse
Analysis of customer, sales & campaign data, optimization of customer selections along relevant KPI, e.g.
Customer segmentation (Latent Class Clustering, RFM etc.)
Customer Contribution Margin & Lifetime Value Modeling
Propensity Modeling etc.
Analysis of customer satisfaction surveys (NPS etc.)
Support development of mirapodo's size recommendation algorithm
SQL, Excel, R

Customer Intelligence
January 2013 -
September 2013
Team Leader Shopmanagement
Specialization in Statistics & Game Theory
Katrin Pross, Leitung mirap
Work Experience:
2005-2006: Institute for Operations Research, Tutor of Mathematics for students of Economics, up to 40 participants, LaTeX
2006-2007: Institut für Wirtschaftstheorie I, LaTeX, Mathematica, creation of lecture materials
Development of an inventory benchmark system (Def. of relevant KPI, management of service provider, setup of reports, derivation of actions), Transfer to eBay UK
Development of a large-scale competition analysis
Cross Border Trade Analysis
Martin Vogel, Director Electronics DE & EU, and Home & Garden DE
Product Management & IT Project Management := profound knowledge along complete eCommerce chain, feature development, SCRUM, webshop optimization along relevant KPI, Tracking, Operations, Content

Customer Intelligence / Data Analysis / CRM := SQL, R, SPSS, multivariate statistical models such as latent class segmentation, propensity & uplift modeling, regression, neural networks etc.

Direct Marketing := customer lifecycle & lifetime value, testing setup & post campaign analysis, print(mail), catalogue, newsletter, referral & VIP programms etc.

Management of all webshop-relevant budgets
Leadership of a team of 9 employees
Optimization of the mirapodo-webshop along relevant KPI, continuous search for potential improvement, go live of new features
Responsibility for efficient & best-in-class content-processes (product photography, product text, data cataloque, pricebooks, inventory)
Management of mirapodo's size recommendation engine
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