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Electromagnetic Fishing Pole

No description

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Electromagnetic Fishing Pole

Electromagnetic Fishing Pole
Electromagnetic Fishing Pole
The point of this project was to demonstrate understanding of electromagnetism and show that we are capable of building a successful electromagnet and problem solve. I am going to present how the fishing pole was made, and how and why it works.
The Circuit
We built a series circuit. The wire connects to the battery, comes down the fishing pole and to the iron core of the electromagnet, wraps around the iron core and comes back up, going back down the pole where it is taped to the pole. There is a paper clip that serves as a switch, connecting the copper wire to the battery when we want a circuit. When the switch is closed, the circuit is complete, so the current that is flowing through it magnetizes the electromagnet. When the switch is open, there is no connection and therefore no current or magnet.
The Switch
The switch is a paper clip that spans from one end of the battery to one end of the wire, that is taped to the pole. The end of the paper clip that is attached to the battery stays there, and the end that touches the copper wire moves around, and is pressed down to connect the circuit. This is what allows the electromagnet to be charged and to lift up the paper clips and set them down. It is a simple but easy design. Because the switch connects directly to the battery, the circuit is a series circuit.
The Electromagnet
The electromagnet, as always, is made of a solenoid and an iron core. In this case, the iron core is the bolt, and the solenoid is the wire that is wrapped around it. When the current is running through the wire, the electromagnet is magnetized, and it can pick up the paper clips. When the current stops flowing through the wire, the electromagnet is no longer magnetized, and it drops the paper clip, having no more attraction to it. This is the advantage of using an electromagnet - being able to turn it off and drop the object at the flick of a switch.
Our electromagnet fishing pole is made with a basic design but it is functional and it showcases the fundamentals of electromagnets and how they work. I believe it also shows that I fully understand the concepts of electromagnetism and can apply them. Thank you for watching, and now let's go win a fishing derby!
By Anna Buteau
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