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Black Death

black death

Mini Seong

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Black Death

Black Death Occurred when black rats and black fleas contact with people. In Europe, this disease started at approximately in 1347, when the merchant ships from Asia docked in Italian ports, carried the black rats. Black Death impacted Europe's many directions, especially the Religious Economy Society After the black plague had concluded, people's view of religious changed a lot. Before the Black Death started, people believed that Christian God would always protect them from tragedy. But, a large amount of people were gone in short term and their whole life had been destroyed. The thinkers in Europe did not know about recent science knowledge, like fleas or germs, so they concluded that this tragic drama was God's punismment. never knowing the disease was actually caused by rats. Numerous people abandoned their religion and began to believe atheism. Secondly, the consequence of Black Death was changes of economy. When the Black Death started,
law and order vanished,
the number of trades dropped off,
and a lack of many resources followed, such as silk, spices, and cloth. This caused Europe's economy to become very sluggish, slacked down the speed of recovery. Naturally,
commercial-depression and inflation of currency ensued for a long time, and soon the whole Europe suffered from hunger and poverty. Not only when the Black Death started, when the 13th century came, Europe's society had fallen into danger. The reasons why people expired by the disease easily was because
the European climate often rained during that time and crop failures happened, Europe's population increased a lot,
the hugiene was very bad,
and people interacted with other people frequently. was because the European climate often rained during that time and crop failures happened, About 25 million, which is 1/3 of Europeans, passed away by this disease. There were not enough people to farm, so countless people discontinued farming. Another gigantic affect was that there was not enough time for education among academics, because most people didn't continue letting their children study, they had no money to send their children to school, and most people abandoned their kids by poverty. and most people abandoned their kids by poverty. During the few years between 1347 and 1351, the plague gave Europe enormous and unforgettable damage. Although that time was a tragic drama, there were some positive points that Black Death made, like the disease solved the overpopulation problem which happened from a century before the Black Death. Black Death also gave the residents in Europe a new start of their lives.
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