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FundingDream Brands

Chinese Crowdfunding Dream Machine; Fund, Follow & Support Creative, Cause and Business Dreams #WhatDreamRUFunding?

Joshua Johnson

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of FundingDream Brands

An innovative CrowdFunding Platform for Creative, Cause and Business Dreams to come to life.
What is FundingDream?

It is a website to support, promote and pre-purchase people's dreams. Your brand helps that journey come to life.
How does FundingDream function?
Let's take a look...
But now, FundingDream!
Do you have a great brand? or maybe a special marketing campaign? Hoping for the ability to organically share... but then ask, how do I raise awareness? friends? social media? online traffic?
People set goals such as raise 50k for a food truck with rewards attached. FundingDream helps make brands the biggest winner by recruiting those supporters to be fans.
Each brand can be the hero helping the campaign reach the target goal and then carry out brand ideas together with your new organic social media voice!
It is free to set up a brand account for the potential to be paired
Campaign creators choose a category
Brands choose a category to sponsor
FundingDream pairs the best fit
Points to note for your dream advertising campaign
FundingDream doesn't sell anything, but is a service liaison to help connect brands with online consumers and fans
FundingDream doesn't arrange the suppliers, delivery, storage etc.
Each campaign is tailored to fit the consumer and brand needs
Costs vary pending the social media integration and traffic
Chinese Crowdfunding Dream Machine
Fund, Follow & Support Creative, Cause and Business Dreams
Let's try it!
Save the forest
How does FundingDream connect brands and campaigns?
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