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Epic Hero Journey Project-Ms.Danner

No description

Alexis Tuson

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of Epic Hero Journey Project-Ms.Danner

Jonas Approach is when he is escaping from the community with Gabe. His friend Ahser tries to stop him but Jonas punches him and steals a bike
Status Quo
Jonas' life is normal before he recives his first memory.He has two friends (Asher and Fiona) anad a younger sister Lily. They live in a Community.
Jonas progressively receives memories, from the past receiver, The Giver. His friend Fiona also helps him out along the way to retrieve memories from the "elsewhere"

Epic Hero-Jonas from The Giver
Call to Adventure

On the day of graduation everyone is assigned a job. Jonas is briefly skipped and has not been assigned a job. He has chosen to become the next
Receiver of Memory
this is his call to adventure
After Jonas decides that he wants to release all memories for everyone he takes Gabe from the Nuturing Center with the help of his friend Fiona. He then leaves the community to go to "elsewhere"
Jonas' crisis is when Chief Elder tells his friend Asher to go and kill or stop Jonas.
Ordinary/Special Worlds
Ordinary- The community that he lives in before going past the Triangle of Rocks

Special- The "Elsewhere" is where Jonas goes to try and save his world and return everyones memories
Jonas is 18 and lives in the year 2048. Him, his friends, and family live in a world or "community" where there is no suffering, hunger, war, and also no color, music, or love. Everything is controlled by "the Elders," who are looked upon in a very positive light, though they control whom you will marry, whom you receive as children, and what you will be "assigned" as a job. He becomes the next Reciever of Memories. The girl before him (Rosemary) committed suicde, by what the Community calls releasing. Death by lethal injection.Jonas decides that everyone should have the memories of the past and eventually, the Giver and Jonas decides that the only way they can help the community is to go past the border of what they call Elsewhere, beyond the community, releasing the memories back into the community. Jonas sneaks out at curfew, and decides to get Gabe (A baby his father brought home to stay in their family unit.) at the Nurturing Center, who is to be released of weakness. Asher, his other longtime friend besides Fiona, tries to stop him before he leaves the neighborhood. Jonas and Gabe are faced with near death experiences caused by starvation and freezing. At the end Jonas finally reaches his destination and the future for the two are not yet revealed.
I believe that my charachter Jonas deserves to be an Epic Hero becsue he has courage and is strong emotionaly. His journey also fits the 12 steps of an Epic Hero.
Jonas' trials are when he recieves memories from the Giver. Some of the memories are painful: war, death, starvation, and pain.Another trial Jonas faces is trying to get Fiona to believe and understand him. Video (:35-:48)
Jonas doesnt really recieve a treausre. But I guess his treausre could be him getting what he wanted which was for everyone to have their memories back. Another treasure that I think he recieves is that he knows Fiona aka his girl is safe.
Jonas doesnt go back to his community. Once he crosses into the "elsewhere" he finds a house and that kind of becomes his new home.
New Life
Status Quo
Thank you for taking the time to watch my presentation!! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed putting it together! :)
In the movie it doesnt show his new life or his life after the movie. But I think that he will soon go back to his community and try to show his love for Fiona who he started to grow feelings for after he recieved memories.
In the end Jonas of course makes it to the "elsewhere".When done so, the boundary is lifted and all memories are returned to their rightful owner.
Jonas' status quo is updated.Like I said in the last slide in the end it doesnt show what happens after he has done what he needs to do. But I think that he will be known as a hero (He should) for retrieving everyones memories.
I believe that Jonas is an epic hero becasue his bravery and emotional strength got him to help all of his community memebers get their past back.
Now thats a true hero!
By: Alexis Tuson
Chief Elder
Jonas & Fiona
The Giver & Jonas
Awwww... ;)
Jonas on a sled with Gabe and seeing a house unlike one that they live in. This is exactly like a memory that the Giver showed to Jonas.
The Giver & Jonas
At the graduation
Asher, Fiona, & Jonas
Jonas' mom showing his sister how to ride the bike
The "elsewhere"
"Bike" Jonas uses to escape
When Asher tries to stop Jonas from leaving
He doesnt get none of this? Come on guys!
Really Asher really? What a friend you are... Tsk Tsk
This would be Jonas if he was a superhero
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