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EWN - Science and Innovation Series

No description

Cristina Flemming

on 30 April 2015

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Transcript of EWN - Science and Innovation Series

Fellipe Freitas Barbosa
Product Manager Globigen
We are a dynamic organization,
globally active basic producers
with a strong science based product portfolio in the field of functional and innovative feed and food additives.
Feeding the world safely
EW Nutrition GmbH
Functional Innovations Backed by Science
Support health and welfare of humans and animals
Increase profitability of our customers and producers
Lower antibiotic usage
Reduce dangerous substances
Lower the inputs for a more sustainable production
Decrease CO2 outputs of food production
Our current product portfolio includes:
Product Line
Mastering Toxins
Product Line
Micro encapsulated and Liquid Secondary Plant Compounds
Product Line
Immunoglobulins from the egg
Enhancing efficiency, food safety and sustainability
Product Line
Slow release encapsulated nitrogen
Welcome to the
EW Nutrition - Science and Innovation series

Immunoglobulins in swine production
Fellipe F. Barbosa, PhD
Product Manager Globigen
Daniel Tepe
Head of Product Management
Robert Nichol
General Manager
EW Nutrition South East Asia / Pacific Pte. Ltd.
"Globigen a high value source of immunoglobulins"
Franziska Stemmer, Msc
Jr Product Manager Feed Additives
"Globigen for other species – Calves"
Shofiqur Rahman, PhD
Senior Scientist Research and Development
EW Nutrition Japan K.K.
"History of Immunoglobulins"
Less diarrhoea treatments
Higher daily gain
Improved FCR
Higher profit

The team:
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