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Our Italian Soldiers

No description

Matteo Mula

on 14 June 2014

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Transcript of Our Italian Soldiers

28 June 1914
Beginning of WWI
24 May 1915
Italy enters the war

5.615.000 soldiers
650.000 deads
947.000 injured
600.000 lost or prisoners
The war numbers
Percent of soldiers enrolled
Sardinian soldiers
Of 853.000 inhabitants of Sardinia about 100.000 men were enrolled

13.602 soldiers died
The social backgrounds of Italian soldiers
High officers and career officers
Nobles and upper middle class
Reserve officers
Middle and lower middle class
Non-commissioned officer
Employees and workers
Farmers, labourers and artisans
The Bersaglieri
The Carabinieri
The Alpini
The Brigata Sassari
Weapons of War
The uniform color was teal
they have an helmet
a rifle
a leather belt
a canvas rucksack
some puttees bands
a washcloths
With a large operational autonomy, the corps of Bersaglieri was composed by men trained for running and shooting with modern rifles

They were the best to take the enemy by surprise in disruptive actions with the aim of overturning the enemy plans

The uniform is characterized by a hat with some long feathers

The top and large circular hat was used as protection from the sun for the right eye, the one used for aiming

Brilliant action of Brigata Sassari on the Bainsizza upland plain
Italy declares war to Austria
Italy declares war to Austria-Ungheria
Milan-Monday, 24 May 1915
Torino-Monday, 24 May 1915
The Alpini corps was constituted to defend the Italian borders on the Alps region and are part of the Italian infantry.

On their hats there is a single feather that makes them easily recognisable.
They have:
a teal uniform
an Alpin hat, recognizable by the feather
a leather belt
a waterproof rucksack
a gas mask
a rifle
The Infantry is the Army weapon composed by foot soldiers: the
They have:
a lamp hat
a teal uniform
some puttees bands
a leather belt
a musket with bayonet
Here is a video of the anthem of Brigata Sassari
machine gun
hand grenades
chemical weapons
About 23 thousand Carabinieri, officers and troops, participated to the war.

The Carabinieri were present to the front of the war and ensured the respect of the law for both army and civilians.

They were also charged of suppressing the espionage.

For their contribution, the Carabinieri flag received the first gold medal for military valour.
The Brigata Sassari, who takes its name from the Sardina second most important city, was constituted on the 1st march 1915 and was well known for the great courage and value of its soldiers

Their ability in combat was such that they are still known as "dimonios" (devils) and that the enemy feared their intervention.
Song "Il Piave"
This song is one of the italian symbol of the WWI
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