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Cultures of the Mountains and the Sea

a little inside look on greece

kevin minew

on 31 March 2010

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Transcript of Cultures of the Mountains and the Sea

Cultures of the Mountains
and the Sea In ancient times the uneven terrian also made
land transportation difficult. Early greek roads were
little more than than a dirt path. For example, the city-
state of sparta was about 60 miles away from Olympia
were the olympic games took place , yet it took sparta 7
days to get there
Greece was not a united country
it was a collection of seperate lands
where Greek-speaking people lived. The name for the Mycenaeans came
from their leading city Mycenae The nobles who lived within the fortresses enjoyed
a life of surprising splendor.
When Mycenaens died they were buried with treasurs
like silver cups and and gold pitchers
The warrior-kings of mycenae invaded
crete which was home to the minoans.

After that they saw how seaborne trade was
and they sailed to the islands of aegean. The rise and developement
of Mycenean civilazation Myceneans = An ancient civilazation
that were Indo-Europeans that migrated from
the eurasian steppes to Europe India and Southwest asia

For many years historians thought that the legandary stories told of the trojan wars were totally fictional.

Then around 1870 a german archeologist, Heinrich Schliemann be gan excavating a NWern Hill in turkey and found rmains of nine layers of city life, one of which may date from this time period TROJAN WARS About 1200 B.C The Mycenaen kings fought a 10 year war against Troy
Because a young trojan kidnapped their beautiful queen Helen Dorians This new group of ANCIENT people
moved to this war-torn country side
They were distant relatives of the
Bronze age greeks Myths= traditional stories about gods, ancestors
or heros told to explain the natural world or the
customs and beliefs of a society. Epics= long narrative poems celebrating the
deeds of legendary or traditional heros greek speaking people that according to tradition
migrated into mainland greece after the destruction
of the mycenaean civilization Homer = was Greeces greatist storyteller
altho he was blind he wrote to EPICS which were

The Iliad
The Odyssey
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