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Physical Plant and Facilities

No description

Allysa Makatangay

on 15 May 2015

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Transcript of Physical Plant and Facilities

Physical Plant and Facilities
By: Maria Lourdes L. Makatangay

The primary function of educational facilities is to provide the proper school environment that is most conducive
to effective teaching and learning. It shall be responsive to changes in teaching methods and school organization taking
into consideration the changes in educational process which has become more active, interrelated, and has become an
integral part of the wider community
Part of School Building
Roofing and accessories

Exterior Wall

Interior Wall

“educational facilities”
refers to all the physical properties of a school, consisting of the grounds,
buildings, and the various facilities within the school grounds and inside the school buildings.
An educational facilities program is basically a comprehensively planned set of decisions for action which
are directed at the achievement of specific goals within specified time frames. It shall be an integral part of the total
educational program of the school.
School Mapping is a dynamic process of planning the distribution, size and spacing of schools and physical facilities
requirements for optimum utilization and benefit. It is a process of identifying current inadequacies in distribution and of
providing appropriate types and patterns of school plant. It is a continuous process involving the uninterrupted recording
of basic information required for analysis of the school map at any given point in time.
Educational facilities
are considered indispensable to a school; they do not only provide housing for the school
but also serve as facilitating agents for all the educational activities that take place in a school.
The availability of safe, secured and satisfactory educational facilities
DepED Green
DepED Palynra Green
DepED Latex S/G Beige
DepED S/G Enamel Beige
DepED Latex S/G Beige
DepED S/G Enamel Beige
DepED Latex S/G Beige
DepED S/G Enemel Beige
DepED Latex Flat White
DepED Flatwall Enamel
Safety Color Scheme
Red donates
fire hazards or fire-fighting equipment

signifies safety or go-ahead signal

is used to indicate alert or danger from equipment

serves as a traffic line or guide

with its high visibility, is used to warn danger from stumbling, falling etc.

indicates precaution and is used on switchboxes, lever etc
Modes of Acquisition of School Sites

a. Purchase
b. Donation
c. Contract of Usufruct
d. Expropriation
e. Barter
School Site Beautification
School Gate
- either an entrance gate and a service gate
School Fence
- built around a school sight to secure around the school
Flag Pole
- occupies the prominent space in front ofthe main building
Sign Board
- to identify the name and address of school
Planting Plan
- Beautifying the school site with ornamental plants
Design of School Buildings
1. Design Guidelines
nature of the environment
structural stability
privision for mobility od handicapped people
2. Placement and Layout
3. School Building Orientation
4. Layout
Ventilation is not obstructed
Natural illumination is not impeded
Sounds in one building do not carry into the next building
5. Building Plan
School Furnitures, Equipment and Facilities
School Seats
School Tables
Storage and Display
School Equipment
a. TLE Equipment
b. Emergency Kit
c. Instructional Tools and Devices
d. First Aid Kit
e. Health Equipments
Fixing, fixtures and furnishing
Instructional Devices
Regular Classroom Facilities
Home Economics Facilities
Industrial Arts Facilities
Agricultural Arts Facilities
Library Facilities
Sanitary Facilities
Playground Facilities
Athletic Facilities
Administrative Facilities
School Canteen
Proper Utilization of Educational Facilities in School
Civil Service Examination
Literacy Classes
Polling Places
Religious Services
Community Program
Evacuation Center
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