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The Beagle

No description

Coleman White

on 10 March 2015

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Transcript of The Beagle

The Beagle
Your beagle needs to have plenty of space. if they feel that they are being held in one spot they will get rowdy. They need to have wide open space to run, play,hunt, and do what they do.
If your beagle is an outside dog, you need to
provide it with a pen to sleep in at night. This will insure
that he/she is safe from the other animals that come out
at night. But dont leave them in there all the time!
Dog Food
Everyone that has a dog has to buy dog food, and you know it can be a task. There are tons of different brands and types of food. When looking to buy food for your beagle, research what nutrients your beagle needs. Different foods have different nutrients for certain dogs. For my beagle, i use Dog Chow. It has certain things that a beagle needs.
What does a Beagle need?
The main ingredient should be fresh, wholesome, real meat. next is vegetables, which should make up 25-35% of the meal. then they also need some starch to complete their meal..
A beagle puppy needs to be fed more meals a day, but not much at a time. When it reaches 2 years old, you can feed it once per day with snacks.
Caring For Your Beagle
Addition to what i have already talked about, beagles require a bit of care. if your dog is an inside dog, they need to be taken out for a walk at least once a day.

Beagles are pretty good when left alone, but they need to know that you love and care for them.
You also do not need to go over 4 months without bathing them. It is not healthy to go without washing all the dirt and muck off of them. Also it has been proven that Roundworms are more likely to live in a dog that never takes a bath.
Diseases such as Roundworms, heart worms, and
rabies all have vaccines. You need to keep your
dog vaccinated so it will stay healthy.
Animal Rights Issue
Many people think that we are having a overpopulation of pets. People are saying that you need to have your pet fixed/neutered to prevent any more over population.Then other people call that "abuse" and want to prevent that from
happening to their dog.
Animal Rights Issue
Another Complaint from people is that when owners walk their dogs, they allow them to "do their business" anywhere they feel like, and the owner doesn't clean it up!

This is a rising problem and many people have taken it all the way to court. Should dogs have the freedom to "go" wherever they feel and whenever
they want?
Animal Rights Issue
Many scientists want to have dogs be taken their lab to experiment on. they think since there are too many pets in the world that they should get the extra ones to use as studies.
This makes many people angry and want to do something about this. extreme animal lovers are trying to make a law where you can not do this with animals. It is rude and should not be aloud.
A prototype of new technology to help specially trained dogs "sniff out" the signs of cancer in biological samples has been released by The Open University at the 2014 Royal Society Summer Exhibition.
New Dog Technology
This study is proving that dogs can help find diseases and sickness in humans.
Dog Cloning
A study that has been around for a little while, known as "Pet Cloning" is coming back around again.
Scientists have discovered that you can transfer the DNA of a dog and use it to create a dog that has the same genetic make up.
The first commercially cloned pet was a cat named Little Nicky, produced in 2004 by Genetic Savings & Clone for a north Texas woman for the fee of US$50,000. No one has successfully cloned a beagle puppy yet, but most likely will happen.
As you can see cloning is already happening. its very expensive,
but can be done.
“We’ve developed a platform for computer-mediated communication between humans and dogs that opens the door to new avenues for interpreting dogs’ behavioral signals and sending them clear and unambiguous cues in return,” says Dr. David Roberts, an assistant professor of computer science at NC State
New Dog Technology
This comes from North Carolina State's website and it continues to tell in the article about a new platform that your dog can wear on its back that helps with communication. they are continuing to work out the minor problems, and hopefully soon they can be available to buy!

Interesting Facts About Beagles
The beagle is well-liked for its pleasant personality, good looks and suitability as a family dog and hunter. Most beagles are bred to hunt.
You can almost always tell if a dog is a eagle by the white tip on their tail. All beagles have a white tip on the end of their tail.
Beagles are proven to be one of the most loyal, and friendliest breed of dogs.
Beagles LOVE to hunt.
This is my Beagle, Lucy.

We got Lucy when she was 4 weeks old, and she is now almost 6 years old.
She is a "Red Beagle" type. She has no black on her. Just red, brown, and a little white.
Beagles Need Their Space
1. How often should a beagle be bathed?
a.Once a year
b.Once every 4 months
c.Once a week
2. What do you need to have for your dog if it is an outside dog?
a. a dog pen
b. a blanket on the ground
c. nothing.
3. Where is the origin of the beagle?
a. France
4. What is the main ingrediant that a beagle needs in their food?
5. What helps prevent roundworms?
a. Bathing
b. Vaccination
c. Both
6. What was the first pet cloned?
a. a cat
b. a dog
c.a hamster
7. Has there been a beagle cloned yet?
a. yes
b. no
c. unknown

8. What are alot of beagles bred to do?
a. hunt
b. service dog responsibilities
c. cop dog (K-9)
9. Many people think ________ is a problem involving dogs.
a. diseases
b. overpopulation
c. pollution
10. What is my dogs name?
a. Reece
b. Sam
c. Lucy
Answer Key
1. b.
2. a.
3. b.
4. b.
5. c.
6. a.
7. b.
8. a.
9. b.
10. c.
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