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Wireline perforation

No description

Abdelrahman Kotb

on 4 May 2011

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Transcript of Wireline perforation

Wireline perforation Presented by:
Abdelrahman Kotb Presented to:
Dr Gamal Gouda Agenda Brief idea about perforation.
Options of perforation.
Types of perforations.
Planning for perforation.
Categories of wireline perforation.
Advantages and disadnatages of each type.
Case study. Brief idea about perforation Perforation is the process of making a channel between the annulus, casing, cement and the reservoir. Types of perforation Coiled tubing conveyed perforation.
Tubing conveyed perforation. (TCP)
Through tubing guns on a wireline.
Through casing guns on a wireline. Options of perforation Over balance.
Underbalance. Categories of wireline perforation Retrievable .
Semi expendable.
Fully expendable. Advantages of running guns through casing Larger guns.
Larger charges.
Larger perforations. Advantages of running guns through tubing More practical way for underbalance perforation which in turn maximises production. Advantages and disadvantages of retrievable wireline perforation Advantages Reliable.(As all components are protected in the carrier).
Higher pressure and temprature resistant.
Little debris left in th well.
Minimum casing deformation.
Positive indication of firing. Disadvantages Sometimes hard to run in crooked tubing.
Carrier takes more space.
Charges may have to be smaller.
The weight of the gun assembly may limit the length. Advantages and disadvantages of expendable wireline perforation Advantages Cheaper.
Lighter and more flexible.
More penetration. Disadvantages Can deform casing.
Leaves huge amount of debris in the well.
Not as resistant to pressure and temprature. Planning for perforation Casing ,tubing and liner size and weight.
Packer type and pressure limit.
Bottom hole temprature and pressure
Formation and surface pressure.
Fluids in formation and wellbore.
The need for H2s equipment. Thank you for your undivided attention Any Questions? References. http://www.oilinisrael.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/Frac-Graphic1.jpg

Case study An Alaskan water injection well was performing below expectations. The 90 ft of perforations were taking 17,500 B/D.
After using clear perf in 20 ft the injection rate increased to 25,000 B/D. Minimize or eliminate perforation damage and increase productivity.
Enhance acidizing and hydraulic fracturing operations and treatment results.
Minimize disruption of the cement/sandface hydraulic bond. Benefits
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