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PMC-Sierra - Next Generation Learning & Development

No description

Anthony Cessario

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of PMC-Sierra - Next Generation Learning & Development

Today's Mission
Oracle Learn Cloud: Solution Overview
Action Items/Next Steps

- Learner Experience
- Administrator Experience
What We’ve Learned from the PMC-Sierra Team
Key Strategic Talent Initiatives for 2013
Build a foundation
that will streamline talent data and HR technology across the organization"
"What does great Talent look like?
Talent Profile
- Experiences, Skills, Behavioral Values, etc..."
We're helping organizations take a different approach...
Oracle Cloud HCM: A Single Solution for all Critical HCM Data
Cloud... Rapid Customer Adoption
The New Era of Global Learning & Development
Oracle Learn Cloud: A
Approach to Learning & Development
- Mobile & Social Functionality
- System Administration
"Building out company values and
increasing engagement
is key."
Leveraging Learning Portals to Drive
User Experience
Users can be presented with different, more personalized learning portals, with their own user interface, brand, rules, terminology, and workflows
& Unique Learner Experiences
Some organizations create a stripped-down version of the Home Page that serves as a training dashboard. In this example, a user’s Learning Plans and Certifications are available immediately without needing to click anywhere.
Example: Tailored User Experience at
Let's Get Started!
User expectations
of HR software has been influenced by their experience as consumers
Tailored user experiences
will be key in the New Era of Learning & Development
Why is this important? Single
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