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Shane's Life- It's a good life !

No description

Nikki Wilkins

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Shane's Life- It's a good life !

I was born in 2003 on July 29th. Shane's Life - It's a Good Life! The time I went to a Detroit baseball game, we won. I went when I was only 1, with my grandpa and dad. I LOVE the Tigers! My favorite player is Cabrera ! Came home and met dog named Nooky. I love dogs ! I also had a favorite thing - An elephant named Peanut. My first years of holidays. At 4 years old I remember decorating the tree for Christmas. I also love the snow. I also like Nascar. On TV, my favorite driver crashed but still won. My grandpa served in the war! I had a cool dream to get a cool car and I cant wait to get it. Now I'm nine years old and am happy I'm older. At eight I was allowed to go to my first race.
It was super loud ! Isn't He Awesome ! I also love the beach, especially Elk Rapids in the summer ! I love sports: baseball, skiing, football, and many others. I also really like to play Halo and Skylanders !
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