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When Dad Killed Mom

No description

Jocelyn Rocha

on 4 March 2015

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Transcript of When Dad Killed Mom

When Dad Killed Mom
Julius Lester
He was born in St. Louis Missouri
He taught at the University of Massachusetts
He taught over 7 different classes
He has written over 100 books
He has several awards
He has one challenged book
#56 Of the most challenged books since 2009
Only banned in one school
Wyoming by the Trenton County board of education
Jackson Hole middle school
Banned for sexual content and language
Censoring books
Book Warnings/labels
Child's maturity
Banned book week
Lester had no word on ban

Minor sexual content at a high school level, should not cause a conflict to why important life lessons cannot be learned from a book and will begin to create the image that books lose their importance because of a ban.
When Dad Killed Mom
On a average day, Jeremy and Jenna went to school as usual. They both were asked to leave class to find their father had murdered their mother due to the reason of divorce. Except he tried to blame it on his wife, saying she had an affair. The children, knowing the truth would not let their father get away with that. In the end, their father had life in prison, and the kids found new homes which they chose and tried to forget all that has happened to them.
In Conclusion
I think the amount of sexual content in this book is not anything a high-schooler could not handle.
The book was written for the high school level aged group
Few words of explicit language/minor nudity is nothing compared to other books.
Most people can agree the best books happened to be the ones that's are banned
Overall message of banned books
Jocelyn Rocha
Period: 3
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