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Personification vs. Anthropomorphism

This Prezi was for a mini-lesson in Tradebooks class

Adelea Willman

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Personification vs. Anthropomorphism

By: Adelea Willman Personification vs. Anthropomorphism What is
Personification? It is figurative language, but more specifically it is giving human traits to inanimate objects, animals, ideas etc. Examples of Personification What is
Anthropomorphism? It is when an inanimate object or animal does
something that it is not meant to do. In most cases speaking is the difference between personification and anthropomorphism. Examples of anthropomorphism The hare said to the turtle, "You are much too
slow for my taste."

The wardrobe said to Belle, "What will you wear today?"

The trees reached for Snow White as she ran. The wind caressed my cheek as I stood on the bluff.

The fox slyly sneaked into the chicken coop.

Death stole the last bit of air from her lungs.
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