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2012 was the year...

A compilation of photos, videos and moments from 2012.

Judit Klein

on 5 January 2013

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Transcript of 2012 was the year...

2012 was the year... Highlight /dev/world/2012 Geekiest birthday ever. JANUARY WELLINGTON KAPCON XXI Played Iphigenia in 'Achaean' LARP MOO & DAVE'S FEBRUARY WEDDING WELLINGTON LAURA & MATT'S WEDDING with LEGO ZOBMIE APOCALYPSE CAKE VOLTAIRE
CONCERT Where we attempt to break the stage again. CLARE & PORL'S WEDDING MARCH during the 'WEATHER BOMB' Started
Hungarian Dancing
again APRIL WELLINGTON HYDRA LARP CONVENTION Gailaine Brighttouch Half elf Cleric with a drinking problem
'A Night at the Golden Dragon Tavern' Photo by Norman Cates Bailie Laverne Waitress at Sharlene's Diner
'Bad Things in the Bayou' Photo by Norman Cates Thistle Flower Faery
'Call of the Wild Hunt' Princess Kekchi Princess of Naranjo
undercover as Cetzel, slave of El Peru.
'Fall of the Jaguar Gods' Photo by Norman Cates Mary Sue Johnson There was a kraken, it was thirty feet tall, it breathed fire and we shall never speak of it again.
'Slash' Photo by Norman Cates Gadget Derranged weapon maker for the Menza Menace, secretly a superhero acting as a double agent.
'World Summit of Evil' Photo by Norman Cates MAY TEONN Aisling the trade mage elf Photographs by Ant Vaughan JUNE SAN FRANCISCO NEON
TREES "I was told this event is a 'SAUSAGE FEST'. Now, I didn't go to college so I didn't know what that means. Looking out there now I see what they meant. But hey look... I can see a lady here in the front row! Team 3:30am! Apple HQ. Met a 'crazy handsome Apple engineer in a white suit and pink shirt.' Google HQ Detour to EXTERMINATE Alcatraz WWDC
WELLINGTON FLEUR'S dance show. Photographed the INTERACTIVE
CONFERENCE CHIMERA LARP CONVENTION Lord Jael Samenglov Heartbroken Lord of Ice
'The Dance and the Dawn' Photo by Ant Vaughan William Shakespeare ...well, kind of. Puck disguised as him...and turned into a woman. Long story.
'World's end' Photo by Ant Vaughan Valene Tomb Renoun expert in the Occult field.
'Seeker's Regret' Photo by Ant Vaughan Firebird 'Happily Ever After?' Photo by Ant Vaughan Robin Robin, lost child running from the Monster Under the Bed.
'Into the Woods' Photo by Ant Vaughan AIDS No, really. Aids.
'Pestilence and Petrie Dishes' Photo by Ant Vaughan WON BEST FEMALE COSTUME! My favourite game of 2012! WINTER WARMUP Hungarian Dancing SEPTEMBER MELBOURNE initWithStyle:GangnamStyle Gave a presentation: "Programming for Mobility" Where it's normal to be wearing an Apple shirt
(because everyone else is too). Where my geeky hobby got outed at the conference dinner, and I got to spend my birthday celebrating with the community that got me where I am today. At my request, we sang Bohemian Rhapsody. Then somehow ended up dancing Gangnam Style. ...and some other things I don't remember. On behalf of the NZ Contingent, I gave a lighting talk about 'Surviving a developer conference as a NZ'er.' OCTOBER Said goodbye to our beautiful, beloved 16 year old cat. R.I.P. Puff Fractured my foot Spent 5 weeks in a moonboot. NOVEMBER Finished my honours dissertation. WELLINGTON Gave a presentation at an academic conference. And helped out with the Apple Workshop... ...because you can always trust a geek wearing elf ears. Lurked by the red carpet for a while for the Hobbit premier. TEONN Photographs by Scott Marks DECEMBER BRISBANE CREATE WORLD 2012 Gave a presentation with the support of my entourage wearing tshirts with my face on it. Played lots of Space Team... ...and will now forever be known as 'Flupper'. Stole all the tealight candles at the presenter's dinner with the assistance from the legendary waiter 'Damo'. "I need to pour all your drinks so I can keep track of how much you've had." "How much have I had?" "Not enough!" Wore my elf ears to the conference dinner... ... and danced an encore of Gangnam Style. Went to Dream World and conquered the 'Big Thrill' rides. Danced Gangnam Style with Santa, an elf and a fairy. GRADUATED Bachelor of Creative Technologies
with First Class Honours Finished a year with the
Centre for Learning and Teaching
as a research intern and 'LATTE'. Presented the 'Elf Award' at the Christmas Lunch. Seasonal work with Fonterra... ...where I wore my elf ears on Christmas Eve. KELLY & SEAMUS' WEDDING Madcap Hungarian Christmas THANK YOU to everyone who helped make the great times and to those who supported through the hard times,
to everyone who included me in their adventures,
invited me to be part of their weddings,
shared a drink, a story, an idea or inspiration,
who made me laugh and smile.
To those who have given me opportuntities,
and have had faith in all that I've been doing. Here are some of the little moments that made me smile: Press play! Play video! Queued up early for the keynote. Again. Thanks to Desmond for the videos! Photograph by Paris Photograph by Paris Photograph by Paris Photograph by Douglas Photograph by Douglas Photograph by Paris Photograph by Desmond Thanks to Louis for creating Moment Montage so I could capture these moments! https://itunes.apple.com/nz/app/moment-montage/id505392782?mt=8
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